Nude mother-in-law

My mother in law pops out in front of me with transparent thongs after bathe and very often completely nude while changing. She comes close close to me without her panty and robe open out. She keeps the closet door open while having bathe. I have seen her sexy body number of times. Does she wants to have sex with me ?

4 months ago


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    • I think she wants you to admire her. Touch her. Compliment her. And maybe fuck her. If my mom in law was without her panties in front of me. She’s getting licked at least

    • My old girlfriend (Sally) and I saw this movie, think it was Blow-Up, where this adulteress wife lays naked on a remote grassy hillside -- waiting for her lover to come by and fuck her. It was the best sex scene ever. We later read that the actress and actor really fucked. The guy in his hast never disrobed, just dropped his pants enough to sick his dick in her. Some how that made it even more sexy than both them naked. The camera angle, you can't see his dick her her pussy but just has to be there or you would it somewhere else. Sally and I split -- marry others. We're secret Facebook friends. A month ago we chat about the sex scene. Sally says that sex scene is on her to do Bucket List, want the honors? This won't be an affair, just a one time check mark Live Blow-Up adultery in the park. She puts pressure on me, she has another trusted ex, but she rater me because I know the scene. I haven't seen her in 10 years till I see her naked on a blanket Friday, drop my pants a little and fuck her. Like in the movie we don't talk other than her moaning fuck me. She later she said she though of asking me to use a condom(oops), but in the movie they didn't -- so she popped a Plan B pill later.

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