I have jacked off watching my mother-in-law changing and showering for many years. It started over 30 years ago. I have wanted to plow her since high school. My father in law has cheated on her many times and she just looks the other way. She claims that she knew what I was doing all those years acting like I'm such a deviant . If she knew all this time why did she never close the blinds and would always bend over for an extended period of time with her nice big butt facing the window and always dry off slowly with her leg up on the tub exposing her wonderful vagina? I think she enjoyed to thought of me watching her knowing that was fantasizing about being with her. She's still hot as hell at 63. Any thoughts as to why she didn't ever close the blinds or doors if she knew?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Caught my son in law smelling my dirty panties

  • I will love to smell it too

  • Did they have any skid marks? I love to sniff skid marks and blue a huge load of hot cum into dirty panties

  • She is waiting to be approached by you for physical intimacy. Talk to her and develop a worthwhile sexual relationship. A mature woman is good in fucking, believe me!

  • I have sex with my widowed MIL often (she's 64). She is quite shy and does not want to go and find a man for a relationship so she gets sex from me. The best is that my wife is OK with it as she knows that it's just sex. We have even been all three in a sauna together. Too hot for sex but my wife gave me a handjob while mother watched.

  • Same situation. I let her "accidentally" see my dick . After she got caught staring I asked if she liked what she saw. While having sex I told her she seems like too much for one guy. Long story short me and a few others had her pussy and mouth filled. You might be in for a good time.she might be 63 but I'm sure she can still fuck up a storm.

  • Of course she enjoyed it, if not you would have heard about it... I used to watch my girlfriends mother shower and she knew it and would masturbate as I watched... she took it a bit further and put her son’s hard core porn magazines in the bathroom so she could watch me. I mean what 21 year old man can resist rubbing one out looking at that. We continued this together for several years.

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