Mom and Me

I had gotten home from college about a week earlier. I was away from my girlfriend and was feeling really horny. I had been looking around town for something decent to hookup with, but came up empty. I was in the living room watching some football when I noticed my mom walk on down the stairs in a white teddy that just went down to the bottom of her round cheeks. I should tell you about my mom. She is very pretty and doesn't look close to 43 at all. She has dark hair just below her shoulders, about 5'6" with 40C cup breasts and weighing in at around 130. She has curves in all the right places and I always thought she was attractive, but I really found her attractive the first time I had gotten to see her nice boobs completely nude. She was leaving the bathroom with a towel in her hair and a small one barely around her waste. The time this happened was a year earlier when I was 18. Her tits were so round and firm, with nipples sticking out proudly. I think I fell in love with them that moment.

Now I was watching her as she walked into the kitchen and looked around. She went to the cabinets and bent over showing me half of her ass, I think she knew that I was watching because she stuck her ass in the air and wiggled it around a little bit while looking under the sink for something. She stood up and turned around only to catch my eyes on her. I looked up and into her in the eyes and blushed a little I'm sure. She looked at me and gave me a sly little grin. She went upstairs and I decided to follow her up and go to my room to fantasize about my mom to get some relief. I walked up behind her and could smell her perfume and I swear I could smell her pussy. I had a huge hard-on by now as I walked behind her, just admiring her lovely ass along the way. When we got to the top of the stairs she turned to go to her room and I to mine, She stopped after entering her room and turned around. She asked me I I could help her with a couple of things in a little girl tone. I told her I'd be glad to help someone as sexy as her. As soon as I walked into her room, she closed the door behind me. I asked her what she'd like me to do? I was nearly fell on my ass when I turned around to see her standing there cupping her breasts wearing a big smile. I walked up to her and started kneading one of her boobs, the other I took in my mouth. When I could her begin to moan, I pulled her close and kissed her passionately. My hands found their way down to her beautiful ass, I squeezed the cheeks a few times before lifting up her teddy and tossing it to the carpet.

My fingers began to find their way to her moist spot and I started to play with her pussy lips. She was moaning and biting her lip as I kissed the sides of her neck. I brought her to the bed and laid her down. I stared at her, taking in this beautiful woman that is my mother. Her hands found my zipper and she quickly undid my pants. She pulled them and my boxers down and tugged my shirt off. There I was, naked with my mom on my parent's bed, about to fuck the shit out of her. She began to stroke my 6 inch member. I was rock hard by now and wanted to stick my dick inside of her. I positioned myself at the opening of my mom's pussy and in one thrust, I slide inside her slick, wet, canal. I was completely inside her as she moaned and gasped for air. I slowly started to rhythmically move my hips and push my cock in all the way every time, almost removing it completely before plunging in deep with each stroke. She was whimpering as I picked up the pace, every thrust becoming harder. She was making sounds like she was in pain, but I did not remove my cock from her. I fucked her harder and began fucking her faster. I used my finger to play with her puckered hole. She began to moan and shake as she had her first of many orgasms.

I was pumping so hard at one point that I thought I really was going to hurt her. Then my nut sack tightened up and I could feel myself explode in the depths of her tight pussy. I flopped on top of her and let my dick soften inside of her. She looked at me, kissed me and told me that she had never had been fucked so good. We laid in bed for a little while as we came down from our sexual pleasures. We spooned until I was hard again, which did not take long, then we had another intense fuck session which ended up with me unloading all over her great tits.

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    • Nice try pal … so full of shit

    • Why do mothers always need so much pounding? Dang don't us sons ever get rest I tellya

    • Mom sounds hot. Go back and fuck her again and again.

    • I fucked my buddy's hot mom. Way more normal behavior.
      They had a pool and us boy would skinny dip in it. Something we were used to from the YMCA pool and the river. Staring about 8 years old, she would be our lifeguard. My dick was always 2x the size of the other boys, around 13 it really took off, I wasn't growing much otherwise, the small kid with a big dick. The other kids made fun of it in a good natured, envious way. "Don't let Linda (the slutty girl) see that, she'll chock on it." Didn't think Mrs Mom noticed, she had a way of not looking. Looking back though Mrs Mom, a nurse, started giving us sex ed talks, way more to the point than the ones at school. "Remember, wash your tool off before you stick in your girlfriend's pussy, and put a condom on it,, or you'll knock her up." -- Just before I turned 18, she let me know she noticed. "you know you have a gifted pecker, be gentle with a petite girl." Just after I turned 18 she called me and asked if I ever been laid. "I'd like to be your first, teach you how to handle that big tool. Our secret forever" She fucked my brains out 3x and gave me a blowjob. We never did it again. Her and her husband were like Ward and June Cleaver. At college I had 5 girls who just weren't as good -- then I hooked up with a married townie, mid 30s with kids, her pussy was just like Mrs Moms, a perfect fit. With one college coed the fucking seemed to go well, tight and she came 2x. But then she started to bleed, I took her to ER.
      It was like noise bleed that wouldn't stop. We had to fess up "he's like way bigger than others." The lady doctor look at me real cross, then she winked.

    • Go for them OH Mighty anti incest warrior, your really getting on top of these incest prics.

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