Old neighbor lady

I have an older lady that lives next door to me we have been Neighbors for a very long time she’s in her early 80s now but when she was younger late 60s early 70s I would do all of her maintenance on her house and make sure her stuff was taken care of she was very attractive and I always let her know that I was interested by the way I looked at her she always seem to pretend that I wasn’t doing it and it soon escalated into me flashing her on occasion she would act like nothing was happening and just continue talking to me I eventually started to masturbate in front of her talking to her and she would glance and watch but act like I was doing absolutely nothing but she never actively tried to do anything with me she would watch when I would ejaculate and then we would say good night and I would go home she’s now in the restroom and I went there to visit with her and we were sitting and talking wasn’t thinking anything about it and she brought up the notion that if I was to close the door we would have all the privacy we wanted and I looked at her and asked her do you want me to close the door and she said it again if you would close the door we would have all the privacy we wanted so I close the door and commenced to masturbate in front of her again while she watched and talk to me about all times just before I was ready to come she stared at my hard penis and watched me cum it was awesome I’m going back next week to visit and will update

10 days ago

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    • I threw up a little in my mouth

    • So strange that they won't say directly but imply

    • I was standing less than 2’ from her she was sitting on her live seat just talking as I stroked off and shot my load almost got it on her leg

    • I want todo this for someone, I’ve wanted to for years! either play with them watching me or me watching them

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