Home Nurse and sexual favor

During the relaxed times in the pandemic situation I chanced upon an opportunity to accept the offer to work as home nurse abroad. So leaving my husband and three year old child thinking of the financial boost reached the house with the only occupant a 70 year old man who had problem with his legs and need help to shift to his wheel chair and bed. He needed physical help to have bath etc. Being a home nurse it was part of the duty. After giving him bath and helping him to his bed, he asked me to massage his limb legs. So I applied some cream and massaged his legs. As I started massaging his inner thighs I saw his cock getting aroused and I looked at his face. He just simply asked me whether it is OK with me to stroke it and give some relaxation to him. He also told that he will pay some extra money for that favor. Since extra money in these covid situation was an attraction and had no other option I just said OK and slowly removed his loose underwear and saw massive erection. It was thick down at the base upto half way and its head was too small. I felt too funny to see such a cock and started to pull it up and down. In my mind I thought of my husbands normal Cock and comparing felt a rush of blood down my groin and my pussy was wet. Since it was circumcised I had to apply some cream and with much care stroked his cock. It was throbbing with excitement and just after some ten or fifteen strokes his cock just pumped out a huge white cum. He thanked me and told it has been years he had enjoyed such an act. I cleaned him and left him to sleep. The next day the same process of stroking was requested and I happily agreed as an entertainment. But this time he asked me whether it would be comfortable for me to be nude and do the handjob. Had a feeling of embarrassment at first, but thinking there is noone to watch and it may be enjoyment to this lone old man, I just removed my dresses and stood before him in my birth suit. Saw his eyes glistering with excitement and as I started to stroke his cock his hand reached down my pussy and started fingering. I could not control much but to be submissive and without any guilt I just bend over and took his cock in my mouth. His other hand came over to my boobs and he was hyper active. I felt more excitement down my pussy and I asked him whether I shall climb over his cock and give a vaginal fuck. He was more happy and I just climbed over and slowly put his cock into my already wet pussy. It was an easy job to just take some sit ups on his cock on my knees apart his waist. He came inside me before I knew and I felt some guilty of cheating my husband. No one other than my husband has ever come inside me. It continued and we were just like live-in partners. He pays me handsomely. I have shed my inhibitions and guilt and my family is also happy with the extra money though my husband does not know what is going on here.

1 month ago


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    • My ex was fucking her boss who was paying her 10 large more than her worth.
      She's a horny slut so why not get paid. She fesses up 10 years later when the boss is gone and when she's my once a month FWB. We're both married. I kibitz her whorish ways. She also said she blew a professor for an A. She had a meeting with him and she wore a tits out top. he couldn't take his eyes off. He made a move, took her top off, she went right for his dick. She also gave him a thank you BJ. The whore thing turns her on.

    • Help take care of me

    • This makes me so horny, I like the idea of fucking an older man with a disability

    • Your husband is probably fucking some other woman while you are away, anyway.

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