Punishing my teenage son with naked humiliation front ofPunishing

Any Mothers tie up their perverted teenage son and strip him naked in front of all his sisters, laughing at his erection while being spanked

4 months ago

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    • My mother would whip me in front of the two sisters who lived across from us. It was very embarrassing. She would yank down my pants and underwear then use a switch from a tree in our yard. They saw everything including my genitals. I have issues today. I like being spanked while naked in front of others. It makes me ejaculate after a few strikes on my naked bottom. My mother got off on spanking me or whipping in front of my friends. So now I associate this with sexual gratification. Girls in my neighborhood were very mean. My mother would ask them if they wanted to see her whip me. Most all would say yes and then she would proceed to beat me while they watched.

    • Yeh ok and no one ever called the cops! Your mother abusing you, you being naked outside normal right! Stupid sick fuck!
      Stop blaming your lame suicidal life on your momma and blame yourself! Then hang yourself fucking loser!

    • Disturbing. Disgusting. Sickening. Just plain sick. And wrong. Go away. Please go away and don't come back. Ever.

    • What the fuck is wrong with you dude? You keep writing these fake ridiculous stories! They are so stupid and fake it is pathetic! Is your fantasy that you mommy ties you up and humiliates you! Don't even start with I'm a female mother bull shit! You'r a sick guy!

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