Secret gay affair

I am a 35 yr old divorced white male who never thought I would be confessing anything like this.Lately I have felt rather lonely and disconnected in my life.I have been taking long walks down by the lake on various secluded trails.There were various men walking along the trails who would try to catch my eye but i would shyly walk away and keep moving.This one particular afternoon I had walked quite a ways and stopped to rest in this quiet spot by a rock overlooking the water.After 10 minutes or so this chubby older gent in his mid 60's I would say approached me and said hi.I nodded hi to him and he sat on the rock.He was balding nondescript looking with full lips and big belly that hung over the waist of his trousers.It was quite warm and was in the last week of August.He said he lived nearby and often came to this spot to bathe nude.That embarrassed me a bit but I said nothing.I thought if that is his thing why not he is an adult.He said being a nudist is very freeing and relaxing.
He also mentioned how he was a strong believer that opposites attract.That my tall slim younger body was to him the right counterbalance to his shorter older chubbier one.He looked me over intensely and for the first time I felt some heat inside me even though I tried to fight it.This man was horny and desired me no doubt.I looked at his face more closely.It was homely but very warm and needy looking.Our eyes met and he maintained his look.He said his name was Fred and he needed to take his pants a d shirt off.He quickly disrobed and I noticed his short stubby cock was sticking straight out.He then reached down into his shirt on the ground and took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.Fred took out an all white Benson and Hedges 100 and slowly put it in his mouth.In spite of myself I found this act sensual.His lighter clicked and he took a deep knowing drag as he sucked on the filter.He said take off your clothes hon and I found myself disrobing.he asked me to face him and come closer which I did nervously.I was naked and my cock was stiffening as I looked at his stubby hard cock.Fred said I would like you to smoke a cigarette too as we look at each other.I am very oral and want to see if you are the same.He offered me a cigarette and I took one. I had not smoked in maybe 10 years but when I lit up I sucked on the filter as greedily as he was doing.I noticed we both smoked identically with a lot of need and it looked like we both enjoyed smoking.My cock was rock hard and he moved closer until the heads of our cut cocks were a few inches apart.Fred said I want us to smoke and look intensely at each other and just let the feelings take over.My gut tells me we are meant for each other and need to let go with it.He moved until our hard cocks faced each other with his a little lower than mine and both of our cocks leaked a bit of precum. He was maybe 5 ft 8 235 and I was 5 inches taller and around 180.Our cigarettes were finished so we let them drop to the bare ground.He moved until his big belly was rubbing against my stiff bigger cock.He put his arms around me and held me close.It was as much loving as sexual.He said we need each other babe.I can give you what you are missing and you can give me the same.He held me that way a long time.He then pulled away and motioned me to the rock.He stood on the rock so that our faces were now the same height.Fred said my mouth is made for kissing and sucking babe.With that he gave me an incredibly passionate wet kiss slobbering all over my mouth to the point where his saliva dripped into my mouth.I could feel his need intensify as he kissed and probed my mouth with his full lips and tongue.I could feel the need rise in me as I responded in a wet greedy way and kissed him the same urgent way.After a lot of mutual french kissing he stepped off the rock and got on his knees.My 7 inch cut cock was throbbing with excitement when I felt his greedy mouth engulf all of my cock and deep throat it to the base of the shaft.Fred sucked me hard with a steady rhythm until he made me cry out in pleasure unloading my cream between his full lips and down his throat.He swallowed my cum with a desperate loving need until not a drop was left.He stood up with a sweet smile.Both you and I needed that.He then guided my head and body down until I was facing his stubby 4 inch cock with its head that covered most of the shaft.It was sexy and cute in a strange way.I wanted to kiss and love it more than I had ever wanted anything.I wanted to look after his needs the way he met mine.I had never sucked a man's cock before but this is what I really needed now.I kissed his cock and sucked it in.Because of its size and wetness it was easy to suck and take all the way in.Fred moaned how much he loved this and loved me.He urged me on until he let go with a few spurts of salty cum that I gobbled up eagerly.After I drained him he gave my cum filled mouth a deep slow kiss as he tasted his own cream.We stood there in bliss for a long time.Fred broke the silence by saying let's go back to my place and continue this in my bed.We dressed quickly and soon Fred was holding my hand as we walked together down the trail.Strangely I realized we had now become a couple and he was my boyfriend.He was immediately placing ownership on me and I liked it.I did not care who saw us I was that far gone.Later in his bed Fred polished my cock several more times taking every load as greedily as the first.I sucked his cock again and was even more passionate. taking the small spurts he gave me.The next morning I cooked his breakfast and cleaned his place as if I was now his wife.I felt this strange happiness and fulfillment I never felt before.Since then I have slept over at Fred,s every night and last week moved in with him.He bought me a gold cigarette lighter and I am now a regular smoker of all white 100's like my man.I notice now when I look in the mirror a new needy loving look has taken over.Also in bed and outside the bedroom I have become more the submissive as my man takes the lead.I will suck him hard then he will then fuck me from behind as I beg for the small cock to squirt spunk into my ass.I will then lay on my tummy with Fred's sexy seed in me.He fucks me 2-3 x a week and I will give him blowjobs as well.Fred will either masturbate or suck me dry when he thinks I am ready after I have pleasured him.The other kink he has added is he invites other strangers we meet on the trail to watch us have sex outside.They will jerk off as Fred releases inside me.He says this way other men know who is boss in our relationship.he lovingly bosses me around at home as I do the housework when I get home from work.Since he is retired he can relax all day and wait for me to come home to him.


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  • I started sleeping with gay men in my early teens. I thought I would stop when I got married but I was even more excited about being with another man.

  • I was 26, had just broken up with the only serious girlfriend I’d ever had. I was sitting in a quiet bar when this impeccably dressed well mannered man I’d later learn was 48. I had little inclination I was gay and at first didn’t take his approach in that way. He bought drinks and talked with me in a way no man (or woman) ever had. He was so understanding, caring, knowing. By the time he invited me back home with him, I wasn’t drunk, but I was impaired, relaxed. He told me he knew me better than I knew myself and that he could help me see it. In a moment that changed my life forever, I said yes. He treated me like a lady, taking me outside on his arm, opening my doors, exc. At his place he leaned in and kissed me quickly. I couldn’t believe I let him at the time but I liked it. He led me to a bathroom where he showed me a silk robe and suggested I get comfortable, then he left me with it. I couldn’t believe I was going along at the time. When I came out he had done the same and had poured us wine and lit candles. He kissed and caressed me like a man does with a woman and eventually opened both our robes. I remember salt and pepper pubes and a 6” cut dick. He embraced me tightly, out hardening dicks getting aquatinted. We held this position for some time when he whispered “I think you know what you need to do”. I was so turned on I went to my knees and took him in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was sucking a man’s dick, but it felt so right. I swallowed his load without hesitation and he pulled me back up and kissed me deeply. We laid together naked, drank more wine, held each other and talked until he got hard again. He then laid me on my back my feet on his shoulders, and I took him inside me surprisingly easy. He made love to me that night and put his seed inside me. I gripped his chest hair as I came all over us without my dick having been touched. We showered together, and I spent the night in his bed.

  • The next morning he told me He wanted to see me again that night. I told him I had a lot on my mind, coming to grips with being bi. He smiled knowingly and said “you’re gay, and soon you’ll know that”. I courted me over the next couple months like a man does a woman and I loved it. He was a surgeon and lived in a nice house, but nothing extravagant. He drove a Buick rather than a BMW, and had plenty of money. After he asked me to move in, he asked me to quit my job because he didn’t need the income and he didn’t want to plan his life around two work schedules. So I lived as a housewife with him. I cook, clean, go to the gym, and dote on him when he gets home. We’ve been together now for 33 years.

  • Sweetie, I am a young transvestite and am living with a retired man of seventy. He has the stamina of a twenty year old and the sexual appetite of a rampant bull.
    He loves the way I dress and loves to bugger me while I am dressed with my knickers pulled to the side and stockings and suspenders showing beneath my skirt.
    Unlike you friend, my Jack has an enormous penis which took a lot of getting used to in order to get it fully inserted. but now its fantastic, I know he takes Viagra but I don't mind. He loves me doing the household chores, particularly if I am wearing a negligee, suspenders and stockings with flouncy French knickers and it usually ends up with him fucking me until I'm exhausted and Jack has pumped his seed into me. He is also a big spunker!!

  • Beautiful story. I am jealous

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