My Neighbor Arthur

My Next Door Neighbor Arthur has been nothing but a nuisance for as long as he's lived next door to me. Every Morning he goes outside on His Front Porch Naked, stands the Picnic Table on the porch which is the only time they've used that able since they never have any picnics since they moved here; and then he puts his penis in the Umbrella Hole and has Sex with the Picnic Table.

I was completely shocked that he would go outside on his front porch and give his Picnic Table Sex instead of his wife. I confronted him about his Picnic Table Sexual Deviancy and shouting is He Nuts especially since his house is across the street from an Elementary School Playground and thank God none of the Kids saw his naked ass on the Picnic Table.

However he found out that I have a Phobia of Mustard and he's been tormenting with me with mustard ever since I confronted him having sex with his Picnic table. I Hate Mustard it's disgusting I can't stand the sight of Mustard in fact I got fired from Burger King because I lied to customers about not having any mustard.

My Husband and Arthur actually go drinking together and Arthur came to my house one time and left a bottle of mustard in my refrigerator and I was horrified at the site of a bottle of mustard in my refrigerator which I forbid entry into my house. I called 911 to ask the Police to remove the Mustard from my House sand then I ended up getting a summons to appear in court for Misuse of 911. I told the Police about Arthur having Sex with his Picnic Table but they said they can't do anything about that and I told them it's in front of the school and they said I half to provide proof.

So I saw the creep fucking his Picnic table in the nude and I recorded him and I went to send the video to the Police, my Car was covered in Mustard. I was horrified that creep covered my Car with Mustard. I had to call a Tow Truck to Tow my Mustard Covered Car as everyone laughed at me thinking i'm insane but the real insane was is the asshole having Sex with his Picnic Table.

I hate Mustard and My Picnic Table Fucking Neighbor Arthur has to go.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • So you called 911 when he gifted you mustard, but not the first time he was naked on his porch?

  • Yeh it is fake cake.

  • N you're fake you're just some anonymous moron that has no life at all commenting shit on here. Get a Life

  • It is spelled NO idiot. He has just as much right to post as you do.

  • I know how No is spelled dumbass and no he doesn't so fuck you too bitch

  • Yes, I do foot sniffer. Chill out! Go sniff a foot or shoe what ever turns you on.

  • Keep recording and go to the police. Have a friend with you to witness it.

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