Did she stray like old times in the car

A couple of years ago, we went out with my wife’s work colleagues for New Year’s Eve.
I was the designated driver so I was sober.
My wife and her workmate and another women were in the back of the car while the husband of one of them was in the front passenger seat with me.
All of them were very drunk.
When we arrived to drop them off at their house, I put the inside car light on and the woman’s husband next to me had his hand up my wife’s skirt.
I Said what the fucks going on… he said nothing as he got out of the car together with his wife and the other woman.
When alone with my wife I said what happened?
She said he was trying it on , but she just held his hand so that he couldn’t do anything!
What I don’t understand is,
1, why she didn’t say anything when he tried it on.
2, when I turned the car interior light on his hand was at the top of her thigh!
She has admitted that she is easy when drunk, and allowed many guys to finger her before me.
so I am now wondering if she let him finger her?

2 months ago

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    • My no panties wife said she got fingered a couple times on the dance floor. There nothing she can do when she's dancing slow with a guy and he's suddenly up her miniskirt. Some guys are creeps like that. They think a married women out dancing wants a quick fling in the car, when she just likes dancing and I don't. They'll be dancing to rock and the DJ will play a slow one -- which is OK if she doesn't get fingered.

    • Why no panties did she expect to get fingered?

    • In the summer she never wears them with a skirt. Her pussy gets wet to a song she likes or just gets wet. Her chick OBGYN told her don't wear them. She lies the feel. She told the bouncer once and had the guy banned.

    • Oh he definitely got his finger wet, and there must've been something earlier in the night that happened that gave him the idea to do that. We've all done something similar, I say just enjoy the fact that someone else wants to bang your wife!

    • Found out that earlier in the night they had gone outside and he felt her tits then fucked her against the wall!
      It was his cum that he was fingering in the car.
      She had left her panties off.
      So something definitely happened earlier in the night!!

    • Agree I reckon he fingered her, turns me on if honest

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