Secret Slutty Exhibitionist Bi Wife

I am a 40 something, married, bisexual woman with a hobby of never wearing panties, flashing strangers, and masturbating everywhere I can get away with it. πŸ’‹

I love playing with, flashing, and masturbating for other women. But they aren't as willing to participate in my sluttiness as men are.

My current favorite task, after my husband goes to bed for the night, is putting on a tiny skirt, tank top, heels, plug and going for a late night walk through the local park. By the time I pull into the parking lot, I am already dripping wet. As I begin my walk, I slowly adjust my skirt shorter and my tank top lower as scan my surroundings. Most nights I rarely see anyone there. So I end up removing my skirt and top, folding them and leaving them on a bench or picnic table to see how far I can go wearing only my heels and buttplug. As I walk around I usually have to stop a few times to rub my needy cunt. I love squatting and spreading my thighs wide or kneeling face down ass up while I finger fuck myself in the park. By the time I make it back to where left my clothes, my pussy has drooled down to my ankles and I am ready for fuck myself again right there on the bench or table.
I really wish more horny housewives like myself would join me for some park adventures.

Ladies ... let me know in the comments if you would join me. Also let me know if we should take turns being submissive for each other. I am usually Domme with other women ... but I have been fantasizing a lot lately, about being told to do slutty things by, for, and to other women. πŸ’‹

4 months ago

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    • I would join you in a heart beat if I know where you are?

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • Id fuck you and cum inside that wet pussy and let you suck my dick while fingering ur pussy

    • I would join you

    • What would we do and where do you want to do it? πŸ’‹

    • Yes but do you lick men’s asses?

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