Caught by daughter

One evening my wife and I went to bed at about 10: o’clock, after a short time we were in the mood for sex and got each other aroused. With no one else at home ( so we thought) we got into it. We were spooning, I was fondling my wife’s breasts, pulling and pinching her nips. My member was comfortably nestled between her thighs just at her moist entrance. She pushed against it and I began to slide into her. We just lay there enjoying the feeling, she was gently moving her hips and getting wetter by the second. My wife was stroking her clitorus with her finger and moaning very softly as I kissed her neck and shoulders. Neither of us heard a car pull up or the dog bark. We were just talking and fondling and as I was about to get her to roll over on her back, we heard a voice....” are you two having sex ?”...and the light came on, it was our 20 yo daughter! She had arrived home without us hearing her! Luckily we were under the covers! My wife spoke first “ no, we’re just cuddling before we go to sleep “ I said “ yes, just cuddling” and I made to remove my hand from my wife’s boobs but she held my hand on her boob and squeezed it. My daughter came and sat on the end of the bed and talked about her night in town with her friends. ( remember, I’m still inside my wife and still massaging her boob) After a few minutes I felt my wife had gushed and I knew she had climaxed. I did the same seconds later. A couple of minutes later the daughter got up and went to bed, totally unaware of what we were doing! Honestly, we both agreed that it was the best thing that we had ever done! True story.

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  • The moment I read

    'My member was comfortably nestled between her thighs just at her moist entrance'

    I thought here is another wannabe fantasy writer trying a bit too hard with his descriptions.

  • See here comes the incest lovers. They are worst then cockroaches but they still scatter when the lights come on.

  • LOL!

  • Hi, enjoyed your post. Your wife obviously enjoyed your daughter being there on your bed and if your daughter thought you and your wife were having sex then why did she still enter your bedroom? It almost sounds like your daughter wanted to catch you and your wife having sex. Talk to your wife and discuss it. There is every possibility that your daughter wants to join you two in bed? It might be worth trying to check your daughter's Internet history and see if she has been looking anything to do with family sex?

  • Bull Shit! Your 20 year old daughter lives with you and you don't have a door for your bedroom never mind a lock. You never told your children to ask before entering someones bedroom. Your daughter just walks right into your room without knocking. Then to top it off after she see's you making out and she walks a right in and sits on the bed like nothing. She wouldn't turn away embarrassed or disgusted. Then like most normal parents DO NOT, you keep feeling up each other and have orgasms right in front of your daughter. You see what I'm getting at! Oh incest fucks are you hearing me? Is this what you fantasied about or are you waiting for the incest lovers to tell you. You should have invited her, I wish I could fuck my daughter. Give it up sick fucking incest lovers you have run out of believable stories to post and the bull shit is deep here.

  • Lighten up

  • Nope.

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