Wife's question

My wife and I have sex usually twice a week. She also loves to give head. She says easiest way to keep me level headed is to keep my balls empty.

So about 2 months ago she was giving me a blowjob and she stopped. She said, "Would you ever let me fuck you?" I said, "You fuck me all the time." She said, "I mean like me with my strap on. You bent over and me fuck you." I said, "You don't find that a bit gay?" She said, "This coming from the guy who has sucked dick?" I said, "True." She said, "So? Would you?" I said, "In the interest of science? Sure." She said, "Really?" I said, "If you really want to, I'd be up to at least try."

She fucked me that night. She gets me loosened up with a traditional strap on but switches to a strapless strap-on when she wants to cum. I must say I'm kinda hooked. She has fucked me probably once a week the past 2 months.

4 months ago


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    • I have asked the wife to do this many times but no joy

    • We are very lucky wife does the same fuck me with a strap on.

    • Lucky bastard.

    • Join the club

    • Next up is taking you see too Broadway shows and watching Golden Girls reruns along with shopping at Pottery Barn.

    • Fool. Straight men still have a prostate gland and stimulating it feels fucking great!

    • True but she can go two ways with him ..One way is she fucks him with her dildo and he still enjoys being with women sexually .The other direction is she uses bigger and bigger dildos on him while brain washing and retraining his brain until cant get it up for any woman sexually .She will use that and a few other things to get him addicted to having a cock in his ass to make him like anal sex .It wont take much to train him to want to be with real men because he wont be able to get off at all unless he is having his ass fucked good and hard by a man,,Usually big ,strong black men with huge cocks. Dude you need to make sure she really loves you and is just kinky as fuck,,If anything looks just a bit odd get the hell out of that relationship . If she loves you she will show it . Your wife can be deeply in love with you even though she wants you to suck cock and let men fuck your ass .If she doesnt love you then she wont care about your feelings or if you get hurt or not. If your wife is the second type woman then she will eventually get tired of you (hopefully) and will find someone else.Hopefully she will just leave you with a divorce because you can end up as someone elses slave or if she wants you gone and doesnt want to have to worry about you ever being a problem she can put a hit on you .Dont laugh,,it is easy and very cheap to have someone killed these days .

    • I bet you just watched Hello Dolly….

    • I love when my wife fucks my ass with her strapon. She likes to be in control. Sometimes she has me ride he and she will jack me off. I shoot cum all over her belly and tits. It's part of are regular sex life now. She keeps looking for bigger abd thicker didlos and strapons. She puts the tip of the strapon in me and says come on you know that you can take it baby. She tells me to push my ass back on her cock. I love it now.

    • Same with my wife . Starts ramming it saying you know you like it deep baby. At times I wish she was a trans

    • The go get a tranny

    • Where?

    • You have a woman with a bit of initiative and a willingness to experiment. Not many men have that. CONSIDER YOURSELF VERY LUCKY!!! All best to both of you!!

    • One of the reasons I stick with her. Still blows till I ooze, prostate massage if i ask , pegging if i want her to.

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