Curious Bisexual Married Man

Ok, I am a married man in my early fifties with my wife who is her mid 40's. We have been married now for 19years. My wife is very well aware of my fantasies to have MFM Straight and MMF bi... mostly through my dreams as I talk in my sleep very often. I know the MFM Straight fantasy totally turns her on and we have done some role play on this concept. She definitely knows about my Fantasy of a MFM where we both satisfy her completely sexually and then we all please each other orally while she helps or edges us on. She has actually started, with my very subtle suggestions over a long period of time (2-years) .. actually began teasing me anally with her finger and now for the first time she has actually slide my small anal toy inside very gently and now the second time was gentle at first then she fucked me with it much harder. She seemed to enjoy it or at least was verbal enough to let me think she was. I needless to say loved it. I have actually talked to her about my dreams of sucking a man's cock and How excited I get about it but in my dreams I see nothing else but.. tight abs, large pecs and a good size hard cock with cum dripping slowly down his shaft. I never dream of or am ever excited about the idea of kissing or hugging another man. However if I see a hot guy with a hot body and a hard cock I do get excited and want to suck his cock. And when my wife is the woman in my dreams (which is often 99% of the time), Both of us men always have to please her completely with an incredible sexual experience then afterwards her and I share a hot man's cock together. I want to get to a point where she wears a strap on and does me good whilst stroking me to orgasm. When we roleplay I often slide a lifelike dildo inside her while I lick her then when I slide it out I suck and lick her juices off of it like a real cock, then back inside. I would love not only for her see me see but also guide my head as I do it and encourage me.

It took 2 years to get where we are now. I am just so pumped up to do more. I am afraid I might go too fast. Is there anything I can say or do to convince her to do all of these things... And Its just role play so far but I too am hesitant to try in real life. Just seems like so many things have to be so prefect. And so much can go wrong.

Any advice or comments would be greatly Appreciated.

3 months ago


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    • I have been bisexual since I was a kid. My wife found out about me when we were teenagers. We have been married for 42years now. All I can say is don't let it get between you and her. It's easier for me because we have an open marriage. She's had a lot of boyfriend's over the years and so have I. I tend to stay with the same guy and they are usually married.

    • Thank you for your comments! :)

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