Punishing my unruly 18yr step son

As a mother I was a strict discipline to my 18 year old step son living with me and my three teenage daughters be quite my perverted stepson putting cameras in our bedrooms and bathrooms watching

1 month ago

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    • Jonny boy smith says funny things in japanese to me now i do not know like Ecchi na Futari Musume he needs to shut up

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      That was a long fake story! Bet that took time to write.
      To bad any replies supporting it will be buried here!
      I loved you replies and what you called me!
      Because you still can't see the bigger picture!
      Pornography is run by the Jew! Death to the Hebrew!
      I won't be replying back to you stupid beaner comments
      anymore! If someone posts a sick reply I will bury it with a shit load of bull shit posts! Fuck off and get the hint Your sick incest and pedophilia posts will be trolled by me every time one comes out! Only niggers reply to my posts! You will get the rope!

      Any incest of pedophilia stories or posts will be trolled! Even if it just hints at incest or pedophilia! But Necrophilia OK! Viva Necrophilia!

    • You need to not post things on here i am warning you people talk shit and nasty

    • I was having dinner at a Mexican Restaurant and while I was enjoying a round of Nachos and Margaritas and in comes a man in a Mariachi Suit holding a Guitar, however the man was barefoot and he appeared drunk and he began to sing very loudly getting on the nerves of other customers.

      Then he took out a bottle of Tequila and began to make his way towards the restroom and let’s not forget, the man was barefoot and here I was eating just to see a grown man walking barefoot into a public restroom.

      I nearly threw up in my mouth a little while trying to eat some nachos and if that wasn’t bad enough, the man was actually singing in the restroom. After about a half an hour of listening to this man and his antics in the restroom he returned from the restroom barefoot and he was in his underwear.

      I was just about to throw up what kind of nasty asshole goes into a restroom barefoot and walks out in their fucking underwear and yet he’s still singing.

      Then he sits down at an empty table next to where I was sitting, he picks up his foot and starts to smell his fucking feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as I could hear everyone groaning in disgust.

      Restaurant Employees were yelling at this whackjob that he needs to leave the building because of his behavior but then he goes over to our table, and snatches my taco, puts his foot in my taco, and SUCKS HIS TOES on my fucking taco.

      At that point I was so pissed off that I grabbed his guitar and smashed him over the head with it as he feel to the floor as employees dragged his drunk, half naked ass out of the restaurant.

      It’s a shame that my night was ruined because of the antics of a drunk barefoot buffoon, seriously I hope this idiot gets some serious help and you also owe me a taco for sticking your dirty ass feet in it, people please drink responsibly or otherwise you may end up getting a guitar playing a tune on your skull next time you decide to suck your toes on one’s taco.

    • How old are your daughter?

    • Fuck off pedo

    • I'm his daughter! Thought I would have a turn at the computer since he's always on here posting this shit. He always makes me lie still when we play "embalming room" and "funeral" because I guess he can't get it up with an actual live woman. No wonder mom left.

    • Oh and to answer your question I just turned 13

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