Moms that punish teenage naughty son

Strict mom i use naked humiliation on my perverted 18yr step son when my daughters found a camera in all our bedrooms, he was filming us all naked etc, so we all punished him by forcing him to strip naked in front of everyone, to humiliate him , we all decided to give him a good spanking, while we all laughed at his long penis bouncing around with each swat of the paddle, any other moms use this method, it works, he learned his lesson

1 month ago

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    • Look people. Jacks sister again. Jack and the Burger King Poster, as I will call him, who lives down the road, are in a relationship and we would appreciated it if everyone would accept that fact, and accept them as a couple. Yes Jackie has the metal capacity of a preteen but Burger King, with all his anti-pedophilia posts, has an attraction for preteens, and THAT'S OK. Two pre-op TVs can love each other. I am asking as Jack/Jackie's sister that you appreciate that and we tolerate the Burger King and do no counter-spam him/her. Thank you.

    • Jonathan smith is an online stalker who is about to get his ass kicked and get the cops on him if he does not stop lying about who he is and where he is from and looking up information

    • Yo what the f*** is happening here

    • This man thinks he knows me his name is jonathan smith he is looking up information and he needs to stop

    • Well let's see. KB AKA BK (for Burger King) AKA John Smith is a feces-obsessed foot-fetishist troll-poster who apparently has had some run-ins with the law for child endangerment (ahem), and overcompensates by yelling at anyone who posts by saying he will kill them for being pedophiles. He is involved with a 40-yo he/she manchild dressed like a preteen girl named Jack/Jackie and they run around getting into trouble in Murfreesboro. Jackie's stepdad shows up to administer an ass whooping every so often and then Jackie's sister gets on here to plea for tolerance. These two send dirty pictures of their scat-play to some guy named Jerry. Posters here think they'll stop the drama if they quote Old Testament passages about rape and child murder but I'm not sure it's having the right effect. I think that about brings you up to speed.

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