She has her moments

She has her moments though at the window not least sat in her bra playing with them whilst illuminated only by her phone for the local fishermen on the beach below the apartment -hoping to repeat that again later this year with a full frontal knicker display for them by the light from her phone.

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  • It first happened following a shopping trip. I walked over to her crouching down and her blouse was gaping open with her pink lacy bra fully on view - I told her and she responded by saying another guy had just been standing in the same place and "checking me out " she said " I liked him looking" . This was the first clue but on that holiday she spent some time alone and I would get texts telling me what she was wearing.."I've got white blouse and tights on with no skirt and a couple of the dog walkers seem to have spotted me haha"
    it became the norm her getting dressed carelessly overlooked by those on the beach and on the last day she excelled herself!

  • Had she done anything similar before this or since?

  • Hey - quite a while with the fishermen's lamps moving about outside so she knew they were there, looking at her laptop on the windowsill, she was a little nervous at first and despite encouragement wanted to keep her bra on but in some ways her slipping her hand inside it and occasionally dropping one of the straps made it even more obvious that she was happy to perform for any onlookers and it was pitch black in the apartment other than the illumination from the laptop / phone and her concentration on these items made it look like she didnt know she was being watched from below.

  • How long was she at the window for?

  • Punctuation please. Punctuation.

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