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My goal is ri make your pussy wet before we meet.

Feb 20

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    • Hopefully all is well... with you.

    • Have a good night. 🥰❤️

    • Good morning my cum slut. 6 down there's a comment.

    • Ashley my worthless whore, I'd have it no other way than to fuck you in your pure white wedding dress in front of Tony. Altering his view of his loving wife, never would he have thought something like this was possible never deep in his mind would he have thoght his wife could and would do these things with another man and in the manner he is witnessing. I'd spit on your breasts as you pull your dress down just below them. I order you to push them together so I can fuck them, then I tell you to spit on your breasts to add to my saliva. After a minute I order you to bend over your bed, pull up your dress and spread your legs and ass for me. You do as you're told, I smack your ass hard and then the other side. I then get a hand full of your hair and pull back hard so now your looking Tony in the eyes as I shove my cock into your ass. You let out a gasp and moan, I pin you down leaning my weight on you. Still thrusting and grabbing the back of your neck using it to brace myself as I fucking thrust! You scream oh FUCK OH FUCK!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! You can feel me needing to cum, I pull out and cum on your now covered by your dress breasts. You look at me your cheast still heavig as you breathe. You kneel before me and cup my dirty wet cock and balls in the pure white fabric of your chest and begin to rub my sweat cum and your ass juice all over it. You lean in close to me kissing my stomach and cock your hands cupped around my ass enjoying my sent as you breathe. 😘🥰😍❤️❤️

    • Oh god yes Robert I want to do this for sure tell me did you fuck that bitch slut your married to last night and finger her ass I want you to eat her pussy before you meet me also I want to smell taste her juice on your tongue and lips and her cum on your cock it makes me fill do dirty to enjoy another woman’s cum and juice on her husbands dick and lips tell me about one of you and Kari’s wildest nights when she would do anything for you Baby then I want to degrade that nasty slut fucking bitch Love You ❤️😘😍🥰

    • I did fuck that uptight bitch last night and the entire time I thought about my cum slut Ashey. It wen as usual kiss, foreplay and such. She's not into oral anymore, giving or receiving. I think she gets off more through clitoral sensation than through vaganial penetration. She ran my cock head over her slit and ass for a while until she came, then started to slide my cock inside her pussy. I went slowly for a few minutes then had her lay on her stomach. Then I re entered her and started to go faster and deep my balls bouncing off her ass. The sound of our skin smacking the bed rolling as I went faster and harder the thought of my cock being deep in you not her took over. Grunting and wispering you name under my breath. I shot my cum into her uptight, ungrateful, boring fuck vanilla sex having pussy. Then I turned her over climbed yp to her breadts spur on them and titty fucked her until I came again. Tell me Ashley the last time you fucked Tony what happened tell me every detail.

    • God Robert I live hearing how you fuck her and think of me I just wish I could taste her cum mixed with yours as for Tony he’s into all sex and he has always let other guys fuck my asshole and watch me suck their dicks but he never let anyone in my pussy but him that’s going to change soon he fucks me and cums in me and I make his bitch ass eat his own cum out of me he’s not real big 5 1/2 maybe his friends do sometimes fuck me good but I want you and real bad he has always begged me to lick his ass snd tongue fuck his asshole but never would I do it snd now he will watch as I do it to you he’s just the bitch now ever time he get hard in his cage watching you take me I’ll slap his balls and put him in his place god Robert I want you so fucking bad❤️😘😍🥰

    • Well my naughty slut, I've enjoyed your got sexy conversations. Hopefully we'll continue, but if not well 😘

    • Very interesting. I look forward to owning you in front of Tony, using my worthless whore, showing him how you have wanted to be treated and used for pleasure. Well show him the nasty worthless whore you have discovered and how you will reward your bull Robert. He will see first hand how you let me put my bare cock into his wife, how his wife begs for my cum, how his wife pleads for my cum, how his wife cleans my balls and ass after I've filled her married unprotected pussy.😘🥰❤️🥰

    • I want to wear my pure white wedding dress in front of Tony strapped to his chair and caged I want you to start by popping my torts out of my dress snd slapping them and pinching my nipples and fucking my between them then push me face down on Tony’s bed and pull my dress up and slam into me as hard as you can making me cry out fuck me with hard powerful strokes and in mid stroke pull back and slam deep in me inside my asshole as I cry out Robert it hurts so bad and you tell me to shut up my worthless whore and take all my big duck in your ass you tel me Ashley beg me to make you asshole burn and hurt in front of your husband as I look at Tony I say Oh Robert you going deeper than Tony has ever been before then I feel you cock start to swell and I tell you Robert please pull out a shot your hot sweet cum all over my pure white wedding dress and that’s when I make Tony lick you cum off the pure white dress he married me in God Robert I’m so wet and horny now I really want to slap Kari’s tits and pussy as hard as as can snd tell her bitch you have the best husband and you should. bow down to his ever wish and need I wish I could get her naked tied to a bed Love You❤️😘😍🥰

    • There is a comment 9 down from the top. 😘😍❤️🥰

    • I've been thinking of all thosr nast, naighty video's you've made over the last month. How ive helped you open up that side of you. It makes me so hard to know that I've influenced you and helped you let that side put to play. I'm excited to explore the pleasure and pain with you. Goving you your first in many sexual encounters.😘❤️🥰

    • I’m so ready to be home I want you to fuck me like a wild beast at first then make love to me then we are going to get dirty with each other I want you to choke me slap me whip my ass and pussy lips pull my hair and stretch my asshole beyond its limits I want you to leave red marks on me from whipping me I also want you to piss all over me as you tell me Ashley my whore you will do as your told them I will tongue fuck your asshole in a video for Tony as I’m covered in your cum and piss OMG I want you right damn now tell that worthless bitch Kari Ashely is Robert’s whore now and her job is to supply cum to cover her husband’s dick for his whore to suck off of his body Love You❤️😘😍🥰

    • Omg Ashley I'm feeling the same right now today I'm feeling so rough and dominant. I want to pin you against the wall and just fucking own you, I want to pin you down on your marrital bed and own every inch of your married body I want to fuck you like Tony is incapable of hard, fast deep. I want to wrap my hand around your throat and squeeze harder and harder with each thrust. I want to see the look in your eye's and hear the sound of your voice as you tell me you want more, as you tell me that I own you that your only purpose is to serve my sexual wants and need's, telling me that you know your place as a woman to me, to bear my child. Telling me that you never wanted to be pregnant by Tony but now all you can think about is your bull Robert making you a mother to his child it just dominates your inner thoughts. You can't stop thinking about it hoping and wishing, dreaming of this. I also have been thinking about the comment I sent about you in your wedding dress.😘😍❤️ my worthless whore I love you too.

    • Good morning my sweet sex God all I could think about last night is how you was fucking Kari and thinking of me I can’t to clean your cock of her cum I’m trying to get myself ready for you to train me in anal fisting I’m so ready for some enjoyable pain when you start to fist my asshole don’t stop no matter what I say tell me Ashley you whore you will do as I say and take my fist inside your asshole I’m feeling dirty today tell me some dirty things we going to do and painful things also ❤️😘👍🏼🥰

    • I've been thinking about putting load after load deep inside your married unprotected fertile pussy for weeks now, our bodies intertwined, sweaty, hot and sticky. You looking me deeply in the eyes as I power fuck you. As you just keep repeating yourself again and again begging and pleading me to cum inside you and make you pregnant. Please god please put his baby inside my womb.

    • Robert all I can think about today is you fucking me like an animal hard rough power fucking me to fertilize my unprotected pussy pumping cum inside me over and over trying to make me pregnant I quiver as your hot sweet cum flows passed your big dick and down my ass crack and inter thighs because you have over filled my pussy with your fertile sperm then I want to clean you beautiful dick of your cum mixed with mine as we lay there sweating and gasping for breath you look in to my eyes and tell me Ashley I have something for you you look at the door to my marital bedroom and say guys she’s ready when in walks six collage guys naked that you picked all with huge dicks and you command them to fuck my mouth and asshole like a worthless bitch cum whore as they start fucking me you tell them fuck her and make it hurt command them to put two dicks in my asshole til I scream out in pain and you tell me Ashley my whore take all their big dicks balls deep and cum inside her then as they cum you hold my head and push my mouth down to clean my asshole juice and their cum from their big young dicks they then say thank you Mr Robert for teaching us to fuck your sex slave like a whore you then slap my face and tits as you once again pound my pussy and tell me Ashely you worthless whore you will bare my child and fuck any man and ever how many men I tell you to while your pregnant with my child Your Worthless Cum Whore Loves You ❤️😘😍😛

    • Good morning my naughty little whore. There wasa time we were sitting on the couch just the two of us were home... we started to mess around and she i zipped my pants and started to pump my cock as we were kissing. Then we heard a noise at the door our roommate came home. Still on the couch she had her hand full on wrapped around my dick slowly pumping it as he came over. We had a 10 minute conversation and she never missed a beat and it was fairly obvious to as to what wad going on.... we moved out to the lani sorry thats Hawaiian for balcony. (Hard habit to break language patterns.) I pulled her pants down started to finger her and her ass too. I started talking really sirty to her I could tell she was turned on. I fucked her from behind and degrading her, her pussy and ass were dripping running all over her legs my legs and balls Ashley take off you panties and tease some random men at work, be my naughty little whore.😘😍❤️🥰 love you too.

    • Oh Robert that turns my fire to hot i made myself squirt in the restroom from thinking of Kari and myself in 69 eating each other and then feel you slam your dick in my asshole balls deep as your friend slams his dick in Kari’s asshole balls deep and she really should let go and the submissive slut whore she should be for you she should go fuck other men as you fuck other women that’s the kind of wife I would be to you ❤️😍😘🥰

    • That's very hot, and you'd know your place if I was your husband.😘😍❤️🥰

    • Home from work all alone 😉. I find myself thinking about how tight your bald little pussy is, hot wet it is will you cream my cock with your juices or squirt and shower me maybe both. Ashley tell me more if you were my wife what else would that look like, every naughty, nasty, detail. I bet the thought of my bare cock in your pussy is really making you wet and horny. I'm willing to bet you never thought you'd ever consider letting another man put his cum inside of you, I bet you really never thought that you'd willingly discontinue birth control and want, plead, beg for a man other than your husband to cum inside of you. You never thought that you would want a pregnancy risk. But you came to realize that if your bull Robert got you pregnant it would be an honor mother his child. Ashley my naughty little cum slut, I know you stand in front of the mirror naked envisioning your stomach growing with my baby growing inside of you.

    • Hey Baby Pam Amy Rick and myself had some fun yesterday into last night poor Rick wore his dick out and a lot of girl play went down we were real naughty I’ll give more detail when I get back I have to go into the Atlanta office today for some meetings but I really want to hear more about you making that bitch Kari do sexual things for you make that worthless bitch keep producing grease cum for me to taste OMG!! Robert I don’t know why but I get so wet and horny hearing you treating Kari like the bitch slut she really is I wish she would let other men fuck her as you direct them she need to let the slut whore out that she really is until she does she’s a worthless bitch only good for producing cum to coat her husbands dick for me to suck clean Love You ❤️😘😍🥰

    • Ok so we had an encounter in the stairwell, I came home from work she was wearing a slightly longer sundress. We were kissing, grouping each other and dry humping. Playfully bitting her neck and ears. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties. I took her by the hand and led her towards the door and she looked at me a little confused and said where we going? I smiled and replied you'll see. We got to the stairwell and I pined her against a walk and we kissed deeply for a few minutes, i reached down and started to work her dress up a little and started rubbing her slit and clit until I could feel her wetness running down my hand. I lifted her leg up over my hip so it was wrapped around me slightly. I undid my pants and pulled out my cock punoed it a few times getting fulky hard. I had her spit in my hand and rubbedmy cock with her saliva.

    • Then I ateoked the head up and down her slit and slowly started to push my bare cock inside her. I pulled her breasts out and strated to thrust a little faster and harder so I could watch her tits bounce dor my pleasure. We did this for about 10 minutes kissing passionately and then I decided that I need to get a little more rough and aggressive with her. I kooked her in the eye's and said you like being a naught little slut don't you? You want me to be rough with you don't you. She looked at me and shook her head yes. I pulled out of her slowly. Then ordered her to turn around she did . I leaned in and said what do you want? She simply said fuck me fucking own me. I pushed her to the wall and ordered her ro pull up her dress she did , I told her to bend over and ahow me her pussy, so she did. I slid my cock up and down her slit and pushed my cock into her pussy. Then began to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. The sounds of my balls smacking her ass echoing in the stairwell. I grabbed her hips and power fucked her talking dirty to her making her refer to herself as a slut and a whore. Her breasts pinned against the wall, her body shaking and sweating. Ashley my cum slut when I get rough it makes my orgasm more powerful, it shows you that I am the man and you as the woman allow me to take what I want from you as I want to. It tells you to be submissive to me and
      my cum deep into your fertile womb. Si tell me is this what you want, need and crave baby?😘😍🥰❤️❤️

    • I'm just glad you ok!! Technology is a pain innthe ass at times... thats really exciting to hear that your coming home! There ate lots of other stories I will share when I'm home later this evening. Im hard just talking to you. ❤️❤️😘🥰

    • And you making me so wet telling me how you fuck Kari I want to suck and clean that big cock and balls straight out of her pussy and lick your fingers clean of her ass juices ❤️😍😘🥰😛😜

    • Hey my Big Bent Dick Sweet Cum Baby sorry my damn new phone died just hot it replaced then been to Dr looking like I’m going to get to come Friday afternoon I’m so damn ready your comments on how you fuck Kari make me so damn hot and wet all I can think about is tasting her cum on your big bent Vick and balls I’m so ready for you baby after a few times alone I want to start inviting other women for you to fuck as I watch and help then we will invite so young guys to fuck me as you command them what to do to me Oh god Robert I’m so ready to get you in person Love You Baby😘❤️😍🥰😛😜

    • Is everything ok....

    • Good day. 😘❤️

    • Typically, that's what I do to her a finger or two in her ass. She gets really turned on as she rides my fingers as my cock is deep inside her. When we lived out of state , she was way different sexually in a good way. I remember we fucked on the beach, multiple different balconies in the stairway whete we rented an apartment. She would even openly fuck around our apartment when our male roommate was not in. He ealked in a few times, and it was fairly obvious what was going on. Once I fucked her with our bedroom door open sheceas panting and moaning riding me reverse cowgirl tits bouncing my cock thrusting in and out of hher pussy. I know he watched for a while 😉 you can tell Pam I'm ready to take her anal virginity too. She's not intrested in pee play. She's really vanilla sexually now... thats part of the problem.

    • Oh Yes Robert cover that bitch in cum fuck her hard beat that bitches pussy up for me play with that ass and maybe slip a finger in that asshole and then put it in her mouth keep her producing fresh cum Baby tell me every way you fuck her and everything you do to that cum producing slave Pam said her asshole was so ready to get that anal cherry popped and make her scream out as you go deep in her virgin asshole I wish you could bring me some of Karl’s ass juice does she do any pee play Love You 😘❤️😍

    • I'm glad your tight bald pussy squirted all over❤️. I woke her up eary in the morning rubbing my hard dirty cock on her ass and she teached back and pulled my bent hard cock into her pussy. I lifted her leg up ap I could pound her fastet and harder. The bed sounded like it was going to break. She then began to beg for my load of cum, I started off denying her it saying it was not for her, she started to beg more and more pleading that she need my cum. Please I need it, please I want to feel it, please your hot cum makes me feel so good. I love you too sexy. 🥰❤️😍

    • Oh god Robert that’s so fucking hot you really make me squirt hard I really want to eat Kari’s pussy full of your cum fuck that worthless slut cum whore hard and rough keep her wet and producing cum for me to clean off you big bent cock right before we meet you fuck that bitch good and make her cum so much it runs over your cock balls and into your ass crack and bring it to your whore Ashley to clean up god I wish that bitch Kari would let you fuck her asshole and let me eat her pussy she should act as the worthless cum supplier she is for our entertainment she will only be used for cum producing OMG Robert tell me more of how you getting that bitch to cum hard Love You Babe 🥰😍😘

    • I fucked her on her side for awhile until she started dripping, i reached around form behind and started rubbing her clit slapping a few times with my hand. I worked my way up to her tits and nipples squeezing and pinching them for a few minutes. I slowly started my way to het throat and statyed to squeeze lightly then as I started to power fuck her she started to pant and moan i squerzed harder. She started breathing hard and begging me to fuck her like I used to. I pulled out of her fast stood up at the end of the bed. I forcefully pulled her to the end of the bed, smacked my wet cock on her pussy lips a few time's. Shoved my bent wet cock back inside and plowed her pussy till I was going to cum. I ordered her to sit up infront of me and blew my hot load ovrt her face and breasts. Then I spit on her tits had her do the same and titty fucked her ,slapped my cock against her breasts an titty fucked het again until I blew anothe load on het chest. She rubbed my cum into her breadts and played with her cum coveted nipples. Then I let her clean my cock and ordeted her to let my cock sit on her face as she licked and sucked my balls.

    • OMG!!! Robert you are making me squirt cum all over I’m so horny reading this god I want to eat karis wet pussy and lick every drop of your cum off her naked body I want you to treat her like the worthless bitch cum whore she is force her to taste her cum and juices as she cleans your big bent dick keep her producing greasy cum for me to taste as o clean her cum and juices off of her husbands dick balls and ass I want to taste you both right now slap her pussy snd pinch her nipples as you drive that big duck deeper and deeper into her cum in her pussy Baby and make the bitch spoon it out with her fingers and eat every drop of her cum mixed with yours Oh Robert I’m cumming again Oh shit Baby your making me so damn hot and horny treating that bitch Kari like a whore and not a wife that’s why I Love You😘❤️😍

    • I made her suck out every last drop of my hot cum out milking my dick, as she was focused on my balls spme leaked out and ran down her face. She used to really like anal but has not been intrested in it for a while. She likes her ass playyed witj but doesn't like my cock deep inside...

    • Oh fuck Ashley, the beast that you released cane out tonight when I fucked that worthless bitch Kari. I fucked her so hard and deep that her pussy flodded the bed. At one point I was ao blind with raw sexual rage I pushed her head down so hard let out a small scream in pain. It made me fuck her harder, I kept going saying coat that fucking cock to get cleaned. She looked at me and said what? I said your going to fucking suck my pussy covered cock clean. I smacked her ass and ordered her to turn around and faced me as I wad standing begind her. She looked up at me and started to kiss and lick my cock. 😘🥰😍❤️❤️ baby I love you, I cant wait to fuck that wothless bitch Kari and my ficking cum slut Ashley in the same day feellimg both of your pussies wrapped around my bare cock breeding and owning women as their meant to be. It'll be exciting to add Pam too, baby this beast is going to need more than three pussirs for fucking. I hope your ready to provide your owner Robert with many women to breed.

    • Oh rebirth I wish I could have been their to lick that cum supplier Kari’s pussy snd clean up your dick of her cum that made me squirt reading this and yes I will find more and more women for your breeding pleasure I will lay under them and lick their clit and your dick and balls as your pump your fertile cum in them as for now keep fucking that worthless cum supplier Kari like the cum whore she is make her clean your dick every time give her some more pain for me Baby I will have you multiple women as you will bring me multiple men I want so many guys to fuck my asshole and mouth in one night till I can’t get out of bed I want to see how many cal fuck me in one night OMG I’m so fucking this morning Love You❤️😘😍

    • Very good my worthless whore. I look forward to seeing all the videos you have made. More so, I'm looking forward to filling your pussy with my cum over and over again. Also look forward to taking your ass too and having youclean it after I own you.😘🥰😍❤️❤️

    • I want you to fuck that worthless bitch Kari tonight and think of me the whole time your fucking that cum supply bitch slap her pussy hard with that big cock for me wish I was there to suck you clean as soon as you pull out of her and taste her cum first as you blow your big load in my mouth second god I want you so fucking bad❤️😘😍

    • I'll push her worthless bich ass on the bed, pull her forward and spit on her pussy and my cock. Ill then ahove it in her and just pound her hard, deep and fast. In my mind ill be thinking of my nasty little cum slut Ashley. I'll pull my bent wet cock out and smack her pussy lips and clit hard, then ill flip her worthless ass over on her stomach and shove my cock deep inside pinning her down with the weight of my body power fucking her her pussy so all she can hear is the sound of my balls smacking her ass. I'm going to do that until I feel as I am going to explode deep insid her pathetic vanilla pussy, thinking of you Ashley every second, as I fuck her. Knowing soon I will be using her only to build my seed to blow deep into your married unprotected fertile pussy. I vwill just use her boring pussy to prime my cock for my whore Ashley. Baby I love you too.😘🥰😍❤️❤️

    • Oh god Robert fuck that worthless bitch hard hold her down and power fuck that worthless slut of a whore make her cum all over your big bent cock for me baby treat her rough snd fuck her hard all she is worth to you snd I at this point is to produce cum to cover your big dick do I can suck and clean and taste her cum on your dick baby god I’m do hot right now I wish I could make that bitch Kari eat her husbands cum from my asshole as you pound my pussy that bitch better make a lot of cum to cover your beautiful big bent dick for me to lick off like a lollipop ❤️😘😍Love You my sex god

    • Oh yes Baby I did a video and I do as I was told to do by my master Derrick just left I’m laying her with my asshole on fire snd sore as hell and full of cum it’s tan all down on my pussy lips mi suck him clean of my ass juices and his huge cum load god it hurt I never enjoyed pain so much it felt like he was going to split me in half he raped the willing so to speak I wish you were to do my pussy the same way I hope to be home by at least Thursday of next week if so I want you to start fucking that slut whore bitch Kari before I get there and bring that cum of her for me to taste of her naughty husbands big bent dick I Love You Baby ❤️😘😍

    • When he arrives I want uou to drop to your knees and start to kiss, lick and bite his vock through his pants. Stroke him up and down until he's fully hatd in your hands. Then lift up his shit and start to undo hos pants looking at him never break eye contact with him. Then ask him politely if you can suck his cock. Let it rest on your face as you suck and lick his balls. Tell him you want hom that he needs to fuck your throat. Get on the bed and hang your head over the edge and give him full access to ypur throat. Coat his cock in your saliva, then get into doggie and stick that ass way up face into the bed and tell him to split your ass in two, using botj hands spread your ass for him and beg him to destroy you. 😘❤️

    • Ashley you nadty worthless whore. I woke up im the middle of the night and my cock was so fucking hard it hurt and leaking precum, down my leg. It took 45 minutes to subside! Of course he can use your asshole for his pleasure tou have my permission to enjoy his bbc deep inside your raw ass. Make sure Your sissy cuck Tony watches you being treated like a whore😘😍❤️

    • Read second one first

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