I prefer Gay Guys / Older Men

I like finding a partner to get together with from time to time. Not into high body count. Not looking for downlow married or truck drivers lol.
Prefer unattached Gay Males or Older White Males. I have been lucky over the years with contacts have made...some out of the blue. Having an oral bond (slow sucking) is so relaxing and sensual for me.

23 days

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    • If only you were a south Asian guy in the UK…

    • I’m south Asian and in the UK would like to hear more

    • Filthy prick

    • Why the anger ? What are you doing here ?

    • Where do you live!

    • Not far from nude beach

    • You're looking for a relationship. Get yourself a man that is out and proud. Be with him and let him treat you like his prince and treat him like your king. You will have the best movie dates just cuddling and reaching over for a nice mouthful

    • Nope. Like being single.

    • You can't have it both ways. You expect way too much. You don't want a relationship but you want a low body count and I'm assuming exclusivity so it stays low. You don't want a relationship but once again I'm going to assume you want exclusivity because you ask for someone not currently attached. You don't want a relationship but you want to form a bond by getting your cock worshipped slowly, that's love you're asking for. You don't want a relationship but you don't want any random guy and you clearly are asking for a type to fulfill you. You don't understand what you want.

    • You do ? Next

    • Mutual worship. I'm not selfish. Sorry you got so worked up

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