A "good" wife with an exhibitionist side

I have a much higher sex drive than my husband, and I masturbate all the time. I love to fantasize about all kinds of hot scenarios, but often they involve someone watching me as I rub and finger my pussy. Since today was a Sunday my husband was home and working on his custom car in the garage, and as I often do I got turned on, and started to masturbate in a chair in the living room, hoping that he might come in and "catch" me. I stripped naked, and began getting myself off while imagining how he would take me if he found me there acting so slutty. I have a hot body and I know it, and it REALLY turns me on when I know that men want me, and I especially enjoy teasing my own husband. Suddenly, I noticed a movement through the corner of my eye and realized that our older (mid-late forties), single, good-looking neighbor could see me through his window, and sure enough- he was standing there watching! I didn't want to let on that I knew he was there, so I just kept rubbing my pussy and pushed one of my big breasts up to lick and suck on my own nipple. I snuck a peek out the corner of my eye and could see him squeezing and rubbing himself through his pants, and I knew he had to be imagining a scenario in which he was giving me what I so badly wanted. I was so wet and my pussy was so swollen, and the thought of him thrusting into me pushed me over the edge. I came hard, and cried out. Right at that perfect moment my husband DID walk in, and when he saw me he swore and immediately crossed the room to me while undoing his pants, then thrust into me HARD while I was still cumming. Our neighbor obviously moved a bit out of view at that point, because when I glanced over I could just barely see him peeking from behind the curtain, but he was definitely still watching. I felt so dirty and exposed and I loved it! My hubby is an "ass-man" and soon had me in a doggy-style position, delivering a nice, firm *smack* on my ass while telling me what a bad girl I was, playing with my pussy like that. I played it up (not that I had to act much, I was genuinely getting off on this), and I moaned loudly and made sure my tits were visible and bouncing for our private audience. I started to cum again, and my husband lost it and grabbed my arms, arching my back up to him and thrusting hard as he shot his load into me. As I recovered, I noticed that our neighbor had closed his curtains. I felt satisfied and hoped he had enjoyed the show as much as I had enjoyed putting it on for him. The next time I saw him outside, we both exchanged "hellos" and acted as if nothing had happened, but I definitely felt a thrill as I noticed him stealing a glance down and back up my body. :)


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  • Wow 😍

  • My sex drive is fucking crazy

  • Don't you just love it when you catch a guy watching you masturbate or even getting fucked and the next day you have a casual hello between neighbors but with me my insides melt and my whole body tingles just knowing that you got him off yesterday or even earlier the same day but now both of you act like nothing ever happened but your insides give you away and if you don't get away from him he'll know just by your actions and your eyes glance down and you notice he's getting a woody and a smile comes to your lips, you turn and walk away. You have to...

  • Thankyou for your story that got me all horny hard and I am going to cum fast and furious thanks for your help today.

  • Can I be your neighbor I would wank in front of you until I could get into you.

  • Wow
    I wish I were your neighbor!

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