Our Most Beautiful Experience

I found out one day, much to my surprise, that my wife of 11 years had never experienced an orgasm. She close to tearfully blurted that out to me one day, like it was somehow her fault.
Now as a lover, I am not undersized or quick, nothing like that, and I always engaged in foreplay, the kind that seemed to work with my small prior relationships. We then tried Doctors, they were no help at all.
Then I spotted an ad, a local couple that called themselves Tantric something or other, so I thought why not, maybe they could help, maybe we both could learn.
There was a form, one of the questions was if she was on birth control which I thought was odd, but maybe that could cause some of her situation.
It was expensive, and over the next several months we attended weekly classes.
Many of the later classes involved disrobing, learning how and where to touch, but never any actual intercourse. Towards the end, the couple also disrobed and demonstrated on each other different sexual methods.
Then came a session where my wife lay on a table while the two of them used their hands to stimulate her, and while she said she did enjoy it, still, no climax other than usual.
The last session was different, his wife and I sat on a nearby couch watching the therapist stimulate my wife, and he spent nearly an hour, I could see her loins swell as she became excited.
He glanced over his shoulder, looked at me and said "I am going to fuck your wife now!" That was a surprise, I glanced at my wife, she lay there with a smile on her face, eyes squeezed shut.
She orgasmed as he entered her and kept right on in an almost continuous fashion, it was beautiful to see.
Later, at home, I duplicated much of what we were taught, and she also orgasmed with me.
While the entire experience was strange, it was also beautiful, and we both enjoy our sex lives much more.

3 months ago

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