My Father in Law

Every time I fuck my wife i fantasise it's my mother in law underneath me as I'm giving her one. My mother in law is 68 and has a curvy figure with a massive pair of tits fighting to get out of her jumper every time I see her.

When we say goodbye I've started to hug her and give her a kiss on the lips, leaving my hand to linger on the small of her back with maybe one finger touching the top of her bum.

She is on her 3rd marriage and has 4 kids so I know over the years she has had plenty of cock. The other day all 4 of us went out for a Sunday dinner at the local pub. It was within walking distance for all of us so it was washed down with a couple of pints.

Before we went home the Father in Law and me went to the toilet. We stood at the urinals next to each other when I glanced across and saw his cock. He was stood there pissing with a real horsecock on him. It must have been 8 inches long, was easily halfway down his leg and he was pissing like a racehorse.

He really put mine to shame, then he was stood there shaking it and said that's much better, a couple of pints and go home and give the wife one. He then slapped me on the back and left me stood there. There was no way I could compete with that and I knew my Mother in Law was getting more than enough.

She confirmed it when she said to me on the walk home that Dave would probably want to go upstairs when they got in. I had to wait until night time to get my end away and unfortunately didn't last very long as I imagined her taking that monster cock.

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  • A few weeks later we went round to the inlaws and had quite a few drinks, the wife ended up fairly passed. We stayed in the spare room and she was fast asleep, nothing was going to wake her up.

    So, I was laid in bed and I could hear the inlaws talking, then laughing and giggling. After a while I could hear my mother in law moaning saying "Oh Dave. Dave, that's it just there" followed by an "Oh, Oh, Oh" and then the bed started to creak. I was listening to my father in law give my mother in law one.

    At the age of 70 he kept a fair pace up and the creaking and moaning got louder and louder as he approached orgasm. I then heard the mother in law say "Cum on my tits, cum on my tits". I'm sure he did because the creaking stopped followed by several grunts as I imagined him shooting his load over those massive tits.

    I did give them a show of my own to listen to as I rigorously gave my wife one in the morning.

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  • Agree do the same banging the wife either thinking of her mom or her hot mature daughter wifes gets damn good seeing to.

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