My neighbor

We went out with our younger neighbors to a dance club one night. We are in our late 40’s Andrew & his wife are in the early 30’s After several drinks it was time for a piss break. My neighbor Andrew followed. Him and my wife seemed to be having a great time dancing together. In fact they danced more than his wife and myself. I glanced over to Andrew when he asked me if I was enjoying the night. I didn’t expect to see what I saw. I had to look again and I was still amazed what I saw. It was pretty obvious Andrew was packin some serious meat. I thought about this as my wife and him continued to dance the night away. Once again Andrew follows me to the bathroom when he ask me if we would come back. I tried not to look but my eyes found his cock right away. I thought to myself how can a cock be so sizable on soft.Seeing is believing so I devidrd to look again to again and verify the truth. He must have been at least 8 very thick inches. When we got home I asked wife if she loved going out to that place. She said yes that was really fun. When we were having sex I asked wife what she thought of Andrew and she said she thought he was hot. She really got excited when I brought it up. I asked her if she would fuck him and she moaned hell yes!!! Then I told her what I had seen and she just moaned and said she could feel his huge bulge as they danced but she didn’t want to make it so obvious how much fun she was having dancing with him. When I continued to talk about seeing Andrews cock she asked me if I wanted her to fuck him.. I said yes and she started fucking me harder telling me she would love to have his big cock in her tight pussy. After fucking many nights talking about how it would happen We’ve already agrred to let it happen if the chance came. I doubt I will be able to watch so we figured inviting them over for a night of drinkin outside our patio.

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  • My husband of 4 years put the thought into my mind about a muck bigger co ck than he was fuc king me well I started getting off much harder thinking about it.
    It was the starting of summer and I was out in our back yard just in my small bikini and I started watching our neighbors son working out and I must have started in fantasizing about him for I got horney as hell in just the thought of him going into me hard.
    The next thing I know he's right there beside me kneeling down and started in rubbing my back. God his hands felt magical and soon I started in cumming having a orgasm just from his hands the next thing I know he's pushing his hard meat into me, slow at first then he became a animal as soon as he had all of himself into me and I started in cumming on him over and over he shoved himself ball deep into me just as I came on him he started in filling me with his cum and I had the biggest orgasm that I've ever had before. Did he stop oh no he kept right on fucking me for his co ck didn't go down a bit till after the second time he came. his lips met mine and we began making out and I told him he was magical and told him tomorrow if you want for I sure do. Well we became4 fuck buddies for the past 3 months just about daily.
    HE'S black AND 17 YEARS OF AGE. I'm 23 white.

  • Follow up: finally got them both over and just as I planned Andrews wife went home saying dad was tired, I just knew he was going to follow. When he decided to stay I looked over at my wife and saw her come alive. After trying to get them both lit I told them I was calling it a night. Both tried to get me to stay but I kissed my wife and grabbed her ass. It was long before I was peekin out the window and saw them making out. I could hear only mumbling. As I cut off all the lights she sitting in her chair and her head bobbing slowly. I can’t really see his cock into he decides to pull his pants down. I’m freaking wet when I see his cock and start to j/o. He gets up and before you know it he’s fucking Her doggie. They move closer to the door I’m at so I can hear her deep moaning. I’ve never heard her moan so passionately and so hard. I’m about to cum in a towel when he lets out a moan and I know he’s unloaded inside of her.Im thinking it’s over when she starts cleaning his long cock. I quickly jump into bed when she ask me ... oh my God did you get a chance to see? We fuck the rest of the night

  • You should get some out of this deal too. Either team with him on your wife, or swap with his. It's only fair that you get to seed some pussy under optimal circumstances. Don't be a willing cuck like many of the losers who post here.

  • My husband doesn't know but I've been cheating on him, for years with his friends, one a couple having just threesomes, and the other just a guy. His friend has been pushing him for a swap but finally he grew some balls to ask me, plus he waited until we were drunk, too bad he doesn't know I've been fucking them already. I've always wanted John alone but his wife wouldn't let that happen, until now

  • Full swap or no deal choke his wife on your cock

  • I second this. Don't be a bitch.

  • Don't let them keep you from watching.

  • Tell us what happens

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