90% of clients in prostitution are married men..... why do you think that is?

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  • Studies show men cheat to SAVE the marriage and women cheat as a stepping stone to END the relationship.

  • And 90% of prostitutes are married....... LOL

  • Because their wives don't put out..... so they get it from whores...

  • Because most women are selfish about sex. They want it when they want it and to hell with him and his needs. Most married men just stroke a lot, some have access to whores

  • I want your cock in my ass email me

  • I want your cock in my mouth and ass

  • Women fall into one of two groups:
    (1) bitches
    (2) whores

  • That thinking is why you are a 70 year old cock sucking man, who wishes you had a woman just once in your lonely life

  • You must be a lonely fag fucking wanker.....

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • LOL!

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