Took the wife to an adult video store

I like to watch porn, but my wife doesn't have much interest, at least that is what she says.
The stuff I like is tough to find, it mostly has to do with exhibitionism, women who get off on flashing, and sometimes being outright obvious about it.
Most guys love to look, I know I do anyway.
It sure took some talking but finally she agreed, we were just going to look around, perhaps visit one of the booths for a video, I had none at home.
In one of the booths, we actually found one I liked, it was about a woman walking around in public naked.
As we were watching, I saw movement to the side and my wife said, "Oh my God!" Some guy had stuck his cock through a hole in the wall, it actually was a surprise to me.
My wife pressed closer to me and was staring, In a moment of being bolder than normal, I told her she was supposed to touch it. It wasn't any giant dick, more like maybe six inches, and the hole was large enough we could see his hairy balls.
Then she floored me, she reached out and touched it, fingertips first, then she wrapped her hand around it and pumped it a few times.
Talk about a premature ejaculator, the guy went off in maybe 10 seconds.
Then my wife wanted to get out of there, she was seriously flustered at what just happened.
We did make it home, the door barely closed before I basically got raped!
I know that made her hot as a pistol but she refuses to go back and does not want to talk about it.
As we left, there were several guys out front and she knew she had just jacked one of them off but she didn't know which one. One of the guys was well into his sixties and he had a smirk on his face, so I suspect it was him.

3 months ago

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    • We are somewhat regulars at the local adult video store. Upstairs is the booths some with gloryhole some bigger with like wrap around bench seat in the booths.
      My wife is very petite very submissive.also was very naive. Had had sex one time when she was 21.I met her at 23. 5ft 105lb 36b. She's could also be considered at nymphomaniac at times. She took to gloryhole booths and even more adult Cinema where it's all open booths are open.
      After menopause her libido kicked in overdrive so did her quest for sex. She wanted to make up for lost time. I take her to the bookstore where she's I strip her dress off once in the back. She doesn't cover up until we leave sometimes if its very late and summer I will have her walk out naked with me carrying her dress. A totally cum covered and cum filled slut and loves it.. go figure she would be probably the last type more mature older lady but she when I do take her she goes on a mission to drain every cock in the place until she says she's ready to go. Watching her walk around naked with bunches of men of all ages color size etc. with cum running down her thighs and occasionally dripping out of her pussy and sometimes if she prepared for it her ass well us
      ed. Her mouth is the first one filled usually a good tittie covering first. She's known as the little petite slut in the denim dress snaps up front.
      When she is ready to I will put a nice sized (has to be somewhat larger after her ass is loose ) butt plug in, with men watching of course and they get a kick out of watching her take my orders to bend over take the last dick and suck it dry as I put her plug in. She pinches her pussy hole as closed as possible to keep all the cum in. She alway smells of cum, men, sex and soon as we walk through the door she's on her back in the bed already playing in her cum filled holes. Insatiable until just fucked out. .. one never knows what they have .good girl to good slut. ..

    • I didn’t know there were any of these places still around.

    • Our downtown area has several adult stores with those booths. My wife and I go sometimes, the one we like is actually rather clean and well run. The booth section has several rooms beside a long hallway, and the doors lock so no one can just come in. We use it for flashing, she undresses and sits on the bench, guys in the next booth can look through as she spreads her legs and shows off for them. We have done that enough that we are sort of regulars, the guy running the place lets us in for free.
      It's a silly kick, I know, but it makes us hot, we rush home and have a good time. We did try a flashing party at home once but the guys kept trying to touch her, she doesn't want that, so using the booths works great!

    • Before we were married, I took my wife to an adult store and we went into a booth and we weren't there long before a dick came through a hole in the side wall. My wife was surprised and she asked what she should do with it. I told her that she should do what she did with mine. She took the dick into her mouth and sucked on it until her mouth was filled with come. She turned to me swallowed all the come. Then a black dick appeared from the other side and my wife sucked on that one. She couldn't take all of the come in her mouth and it ran down the front of her shirt soaking it. We left shortly after she swallowed the come and we kissed. When we walked out there two guys who must have been the ones that she sucked off. The black guy looked at my wife with come on the front of her shirt and told her to come back soon.

    • Send me a picture of your sexy wife.

    • See at ;

    • Watched the videos of your sexy wife. She's not bad at all! But she is not satisfied by your small 3.5 inch cock. Too small for such gorgeous lady and she is scratching her thighs in one of the videos. Very small shaft to penetrate and satisfy such a beautiful sexy lady.....she need at least 6" inch cock for real pleasure.... Allow her to be fucked by 9-10 inch cock and see her enjoyment. Would you let me fuck her? I'll tell you if you would l she wouldn't be talking! she'd be moaning on my big dick as I cum 4 or 5 times in her! And I mean deep inside of her! I'd fuck the woman till she couldn't walk! When I cum , I bury it in as far as it will go and only pull a half inch out, I'd keep it deep , and watch her eyes pulsate , listen to her moan , as she takes load after load of my cum , all night long! You can watch and make videos also. Can also enjoy a threesome and you can also suck my Cock and feel the difference if you are bi-sexual. However I am masturbating as tribute to your wife. Have downloaded the videos and will share it further.

    • I’ve always wanted to go to a video store with booths!! Almost got to with an ex of mine. She was into the idea and we would talk about it get horny and fuck. We never got around to actually going though.

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