Adult bookstore booth [part two]

Once she had the guy hard she looked at me while stroking it, he was easily 10 inches long and almost as thick as a plastic water bottle. She whispered to me would you mind if I just tried to mount this thing? I told her no it is going to be great to see the expression on your face if you get it in you. She told the guy to not thrust into her because she was not even sure she could get in her. She backed up and started rocking back and forth with her mouth wide open and gasping with each push. I actually heard a popping sound and she stopped with her mouth wide open and moaned out oh my god it is in!
She worked it in and out then pulled off of him telling him he was just to big for her. She turned around and started stroking and sucking on the head but it was stretching her mouth so much she just kept stroking him until he came. When she was finished she told him that he had the biggest cock she had ever seen.
We were driving home and she was sitting there worn out from the evening and told me it was one of the best nights of adventure sex we had, I agreed with her. She told me she still could not believe I sucked a guy off and that it got her so wet watching me do it. She asked me how he tasted and I told her that he pretty much tasted like I did. When we got home I talked her into one last sex session with me entering her from behind and banging her as hard as I could, she told me that when we go back again we should start out in two adjoining booths and I can screw her through the wall.

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  • Gf and I went to a video booth because she said she had read about glory holes and wanted to see one. We got drunk one night and went inside one. We ended up both sucking a cock together, but now we bring a guy home from the club, and haven't gone back to the book store booth.

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