Just wondering

I hope I can get some good answers. I'm a bi married man. I love to bottom. But I can't get hard when I'm having anal sex with a guy. But if I'm on my back and I pull my legs up I can cum and not touch myself. I'm still soft but it's the best organism I ever had. When I have sex with my wife I get hard as a rock. I was just wondering if this happens to other guys. Thanks.

3 months ago


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    • Yes, I start off hard, then get soft, or, semi-hard. As they're slamming away, my cock will drool pre-cum like a sleeping Bowery bum.

    • I'm fifteen and my boss is on his thirties. He's actually my mom's boss and hired me to clean the offices after school three months ago . After I was there for a week he came back to the office to drive me home and was kinda drunk. He pushed me over on his desk and pulled the back of my shorts and underpants down and pushed his penis in me and I never done anything like that before! I could feel it, him sperming into my butt like three times and then I noticed that the front of my underpants like were full of my sperm and I wasn't ever hard like? He does this to me like a lot and my underpants are always messed up afterwards and now I went from not wanting to to all of a sudden wanting to?

    • As a kid with other boys my small smooth boycock stayed rock hard the whole time I was getting funded. As a teen with a man I always lost my hard on as I was being penetrated and fucked, I think it's the thicker penis factor, I'm like concentrating on moving the right way so it's not hurting me as much. It's still better though 🥰

    • Fellow married bi bottom here. This is super common, and completely normal. When I'm getting fucked it's like my sexual response is entirely focused on my ass. I get super turned on and love the sensation, but my cock stays completely flaccid unless it's getting stroked or sucked. With any other kind of sex I get completely hard.

    • I've always been a bottom. And when I'm having sex with another man my hard on goes away the deeper he gets into me until it's finally gone. And yes I do cum when I'm being fucked and it is the best feeling I have ever felt. Sometimes Tranny girls make me cum without even having sex with them. That has never happened with a real woman. I love being a sissy.

    • The same thing happens to me. I am 66 years old and have been taking cock in my ass since I was 10. I have taken many cocks up my ass (including some of my wife's boyfriends) and never gotten hard when being fucked. But like you, I have had orgasms while receiving anal.

    • Can I take pictures and video and show them to your wife?

    • I get hard too and always orgasm without touching as well amazing

    • Do you suck their cocks as well

    • I suck cock every time

    • Do you not enjoy feeling his cock slide up you

    • Of course I did. I was able to have an Orgasm

    • I get so hard when a guy is up me doggy. Don’t understand why you don’t?

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