When I was a young teenager I always dreamed about older women having sex with them during my teenage years I got the opportunity to have sex with three different wives while their husbands watched. I did not know what was going on. Or that it was called wife sharing. But now I feel EXTREMELY OBSESSED WITH THE idea . now I want to turn the tables and watch my wife get screwed. If it ever became a reality I would orgasm five or more times in one night especially watching her enjoy it and I'm sitting there watching or joining in. Well one time I asked her to Flash her HOT JUICY vagina on the bus and she did so. I even took a picture that made. me so hot. Well one fantasy that she agreed to carry out is that we take a long ride on a taxi cab on a dark rainy cold night and she agreed to take off her bra to expose her huge 38 DDDs Tities with big rock hard nipples because it was cold and raining. and the driver got so turned on when he saw how big her titties were and the old Indian horny guy could not believe that I was lifting her mini-skirt now to show him More. By now his cock was so hard but so very extra thick like a tree stump. That's when I will be melting because I know my wife is obsessed with extra thick penises. I can tell he wanted to ask me so bad if he can put his penis in my wife's mouth. I told him that I had it planned for her to give him oral and then after he goes deep in her as he penetrates her. then I take my drunk wife home so he can stretch her out in our bedroom rite on our own bed. Mmmmm

2 months ago

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    • How did you meet those wives back then?

    • Better watch out. Once you let your wife start fucking other guys you can't make her stop. My wife was a virgin when we married. She has a big set of tits 38dd. She is 5/4 maybe 130lbs. Nice round ass. We started going out and drinking coming home and fuck like crazy. She started dressing more skimpy. Low cut tops tight pants. She would dance with other guys. I watched them rub all over her tits and ass. She would get horny as hell. We would go home and fuck she told me how horny she got from guys touching her. One night when we were going out she comes out of the bedroom all done up. With this small red dress on with spiked heels. I looked at her and said dam your hot . She said I know the guys like that. Long story short she was dancing with a guy. He was all over her. She had him sit at are table and have drinks with us. She was rubbing his cock under the table. When he got up to use the bathroom she asked me if I was okay with what she was doing. I told her to have fun and it's okay with me. I was turned on by it.he came home with us and they fucked for hours. After that first time she was hooked on getting fucked by as many guys as she could. I married a wife that turned into a slut. But you can't make a slut a wife. We have been married for 42years now. She's slowed down a lot but still fucks strange guys. Maybe once every two weeks.

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