I came the hardest for him…

I’ve only ever fallen in love with women, have only ever felt the strong urge to watch their cum face at the hands or mouth of me… and I have only ever felt the tremendous ore for a powerful woman, that ore which is so different to how I’d feel towards a successful man. Not even a women solely with a powerful title or job role, but if she carried herself that way then I gravitated to it. To give you a better picture: Stella from The Fall. 🥵

Anyway this attraction of course lead me to identify as lesbian. I could tolerate a good looking man, even tried to sleep with a few of them in my late teens/early twenties but I always had to be almost blind drunk and either myself or he, depending where we’d returned to, would leave first thing in the morning, or better yet as soon as we’d (he’d) finished.

I’ve finally settled with an amazing woman, a woman I feel I was created for. She has saved me in so many ways and I couldn’t, or would ever want to, imagine a life without her. I wish I’d met her sooner so we had longer of the rest of our lives together.

Why, then, have I just spent the past half an hour watching a guy’s cum compilation on PornHub and came harder than I have in a very long time? As he was thrusting and losing control into his hand, flashlight or a woman, I would almost feel my body wanting to be whatever it was he was thrusting into and making one of the best cum faces and cum vocals I’ve ever heard. This all whilst the woman I was made for slept in other room.

19 days ago

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