Fingered admission surprised me

I knew my wife had a colourful past when We got together.
Three lovers before she was 16.
She married at 17 pregnant by her husband to be.
They split up after four years. So from 21 to 24 when we got together, she had sex with a further 9 guys!
But what surprised me was what she said casually one day.
I asked about boyfriends when she was young and she said about one lad who took her to the movies and fingered her for most of the film.
I said afterwards did he fuck you outside, she said no.
But then admitted that on all dates from being a teenager to a woman that she had let nearly all of them finger her. Even the guys who didn’t fuck her.
When I said I was surprised that she allowed them to finger her on just a date, she said “ well allowing to do that is nothing is it”
Most of them did!
That really shocked me....
Because she had lots of dates.

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  • I don't believe you have a wife But if you do I have a couple questions for you!
    First why do you care about her sexual past. She has no diseases from it! So it should not bother you if you love her!
    Second what about your past sexual history! Do you have any skeletons in your closet? Does your wife harp on you sexual past!
    What I'm saying is people make mistakes especially when younger and they learn from them usually in college!
    I'm not saying what your wife did was a mistake but if you love her then who cares what she did before you came into the picture! As long as it wasn't illegal in anyway and she is not a sexual predator then her past don't matter!

  • This is true

  • Send me a picture of her.

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