Gay Massage Fantasy

For such a long time now, I have been wanting to get a massage from a gay man. I imagine him in just a tee shirt and shorts and me laying naked face down on table. He pours oil all over my body and rubs it in a little. He starts on my back.
First he is standing on the side of me as he rubs the oil all over my back, then he moves to the head of table and stretches over me to reach to my lower back, at this moment I feel his cock in his shorts and it's getting harder. My hands start rubbing his legs, as I am getting turned on by this.
He then returns to side of table and applies more oil, this time mostly over my ass and down my legs. He starts rubbing the oil all over my ass and teases my hole, giving it a nice massage as well and then reaches down and touches my cock, which is getting very hard,
He then moves to the foot of the table and starts massaging my legs, as he does, he reaches to my cock and balls and gives them a nice massage. He then spreads my legs and applies more oil to my ass, then he starts inserting his finger, then as he gets me more relaxed, he inserts another finger, then another.
After a short pause, he is back at the head of table, but this time naked, he raises my head and there in front of me is his cock. I open my mouth and he shoves it in. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, he returns to table and tells me to get up on all fours, he gets up on table and inserts his big 8" cock in my faggot hole.
He is just fucking my hole harder and deeper, I start bucking back and meeting every thrust. He then pulls out and gets in front of me and inserts his cock in my mouth and finally burst, all his cum is now in my mouth and I swallow it all.
I hope this fantasy becomes real

2 months ago

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    • That would be amazing

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