My best friend (both male)

My first gay experience goes back to back to when I was 16. My best friend was the same age, living in the same street. We were pretty much everyday together except in school. He went to a different school.

The year I turned 16 I was so horny, discovering my sexuality, masturbating, porn,... I noticed I didn't mind watching gay porn, but I always I thought I was straight.

My friend and me were always together in our free time. On a Friday evening my mom and dad went to family and they planned on staying there for the night. My friend and I were so happy to be home alone.

We were sitting in the living room, but I don't like sitting when it's dark outside so a little later I said let's go watch TV in my room (I have a pretty big room with a 2 person couch). My friend didn't hesitate and of we went. We were watching a movie and about half way it had a sex scene.

I was getting so horny from that scene. That my dick was getting harder and harder, I was trying to hide it from my friend until I couldn't resist it anymore
So I reached for my dick and started stroking it slowly. My friend saw it right away, looked me straight in my eyes and he didn't know what to say. I told him couldn't resist, and said I'm to horny. I asked him if he wanted to see it because he kept looking down. Without a doubt he said yess so I pulled my short down and started playing with my hard dick. Seeing him stare at my cock was so special. I asked him if he want to touch it, with a little bit hesitation he reached for my dick and as he was slowly jerking me of he said that my dick is much bigger as his(my hard dick is 8inches). I wanted to see his dick to see the difference, but he hesitates so I started rubbing his crotch trying to feel his dick. I asked if I could see it and he agreed, when I saw his hard dick(2.5 inches) I immediately asked if I could feel it. We looked each other in the eyes and started jerking each other of. I stopped and told him I didn't want to cum so soon. I got up and sat me on his lap, feeling his hard dick pushing against my ass, I kissed him a couple times and told him I wanted to suck him. But I only if he sucked my dick to, he looked at me and he agreed. I get between his legs, grabbed his dick. I stop for a second before I start kissing it, moments later I put his whole dick in my mouth and started sucking his small but rock hard dick. It fitted perfect and it tasted amazing. He started moaning as I stop and started jerking him until he cummed on his chest. Making him cum made me grab my dick in my other hand and before I knew it, I blew my load on his chest. I looked at him and kissed his big lips. We cleaned ourselves up and got to bed, we talked about how nice it was and fell asleep.

We woke up, talked about it once more before he went home. Since that unexpected but good night we started having more and more of these nights.

Part 2 comes later

3 months ago

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