Wife on business trip

My wife and I talk about her having other men when we have sex but she would never do it in real life. So she had to go to Little Rock for training for a week it’s about 3 hrs away from where we live so she was staying in a hotel. I periodically work there and know some people there. A couple guys there I had shown regular pictures of Deb and they thought she was hot. So I got in touch with them and told them where my wife was staying and told them to try and pick her up. Paul is a 6’3” black guy and rick white about the same both work out together and are friends. So what they told me was they saw Deb at the hotel restaurant and made small talk and ask her to go for drinks in the hotel bar. They chatted her up through 4 or 5 drinks and Deb was getting pretty tipsy and they offered to help her to her room. When they got her in Rick gave her a hug that turned into a kiss and then clothes came off and they both took turns with her for a couple hrs. Paul told me they both cam in her at least twice and they left her sleeping when they left.
A week later my wife came home and said she needed to tell me something. She looked like she was going to cry and she told me what had happened. I just smiled and ask if she enjoyed it. She said she did and I said good I held her and we made love all day Saturday. She seems more confident and happier. Knowing your still attractive to other men is a big boost to a woman’s ego. I never did and never will tell her the truth.

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