Not sure what is going on but loving it

My wife went from giving me practically no sex for the last few years to giving me blow jobs daily. Some time in February she just asked me one day if I wanted one and I told her sure but when I tried playing with her she told me not to worry about it, she just wanted to pleasure me. She did the same thing the next day, even asked me how I wanted to receive it. Standing up, laying down, however I wanted her to do it and this is when I started thinking okay what is going on here. I returned from golfing one afternoon and she really surprised me when I walked into the bedroom to change, she was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed. She looked at me and told me to get my cock over here because she was hungry, she has rarely talked dirty like that during sex and she was really eager to get my pants off. I am not complaining, I just do not understand why she would go from nothing to daily seemly overnight.

2 months ago


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    • Well, sudden unexplained changes in the sexual habits of married women is a potential sign she is having an affair.

    • My wife Jill, hot, big tits, prom queen. My GF Lynn, Big tits, big ass, married to Bob, soccer mom - she can't believe she's having and affair. We all met at soccer. There's a path that runs along a farm field between our houses. Lynn and I have sex just off the beaten path, we're sure no one knows. Jill old school, sleeps naked, windows open, no air conditioning, even on hot nights. 8PM I tell Jill I'm going for a jog. Meet Lynn, fuck Lynn. 2 AM I wake -- no Jill. Search the house, no Jill. Look out from 2nd floor deck. Naked Jill is on her knees sucking Bob's dick behind a bush. Guess they knew, or a coincidence? Jill loves BJ. Had a handsome boss in college. Gave him one daily. Calls her self Blowjob Queen (to me when she's performing). Maybe it's just BJ which sorta sucks too. Lynn says she needs to be drunker than a gay sailor to give on. I tell Lynn, she's sure it just BJ. Bob would never stick his dick in someone else. Over beers with the guys Bob bragged how good Lynn was in bed, I bragged about Jill in bed and her love of BJ. I think Bob and I shot ourselves in the foot.

    • That doesn’t sound that bad I guess. When was the last time you fucked her? She may have a friend who is fucking her and she feels guilty so she’s sucking your dick.

    • Just let her know how much you enjoy it and that eating her pussy would be even better.

    • Maybe she's been listening to someone on the radio explaining how to be a better wife to your husband, or she's had her hormones surge and she's super horny now. Get on your knees and lick her to orgasm and then fuck her and her clit will rub against you as you fuck her and she can cum again. Be happy she's giving you blow jobs.

    • So ask her, she's your fucking wife. Okay, sucking wife.

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