A promise is a promise

I'm a guy who has an online friend in another state. Our chat has gotten into flirting close to cybersex at this point. she made a comment about me masturbating one day so I went to the bathroom with the camera and took a video, saying since you're obviously thinking of me doing it, I might as well show her. She had some minor surgery that has left her with stitches that if she were to masturbate and orgasm would pull and put strain on the stitches, so I made her a promise, more like a pact. I told her since she can't do it while the stitches are in and healing, I wouldn't either. To add to the promise, I told her that since she liked it when I said her name in the video, I take another video for her when she's healed, one in which I say her name then blow my load I've been building up this whole time not masturbating. One good side effect of not masturbating daily is that to techincally be within the promise, I stroke and get myself right to the edge of coming then stop, it's kind of maddening teasing myself but also fun to see how close I can get without going over the edge. I didn't stop early enough close to the beginning of the promise but I now have got better at stopping short. She told me the other day she tried in the morning but it hurt the stitches and she thought she pulled them a little, so I admitted to my little "accident" while edging and she said she was glad she wasn't the one who broke the pact . I'm look forward to her being healed enough so I can cum, not only to feel the release but also to make the video for her .


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  • My husbands friend is always flirting with me, I told him if he lost 40 pounds, that I would sleep with him, sure enough a few months later he was down 40 pounds. And I gave it up

  • Promise is a promise, my daughters bf was in the same reserve unit as my son, it was their 2nd deployment, and he's already got one Purple Heart. I asked him to lookout for my son, he asked what he would get in return, I replied anything. Well long and behold, my son lost a leg, and if it wasn't for Todd (daughters bf) he would've died. Well 6 months later, Todd approached me and said "anything", I played stupid. But Todd kepted bringing it up. Finally when I knew everyone was going to be away for the day, we made arrangements to meet. He was very specific on the outfit I had to wear, he took me to lunch, then we were on our way to the hotel that I made a reservation for, but he changed his mind and wanted to go back to my place since the family was out shopping for Christmas. After a few glasses of wine I was ready, and off to the bedroom where he screwed me. And once more the day after. And never again. Yes I enjoyed it, yes I came, no they're not together anymore, and it's been 12yrs since

  • Masturbation causing her stitches to burst? WTF kind of surgery did she have?

  • The stitches are on her back, they didn't burst but they pulled a little probably from the tension on them from orgasming. alot of movement goes through the torso , even regular everyday stuff you wouldn't think about at first.

  • That's an oddly charming story

  • Thank you

  • And

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