Riding naked in the woods

One night, I decided to bike to this wooded area, and as soon as I rode to the back of the woods,I would leave my clothes in a hidden spot and bike back naked. I went as far as the road next to the woods, and even walked to the middle of the road and came on the spot. The road was dark and quiet. I went back to the spot where I hid my clothes, got dressed and biked back home.

2 months ago

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    • I ride my bike in relatively isolated track in the wood with loose skirt covering the seat and no panties, so that my pussy rub hard against the vibrating seat. Within a short time I have strong orgasms - I stop to take some rest and then start again to complete my 10 miles run with 3 orgasms!!

    • Like to be naked in the woods

    • My trail has a 2 mile stretch that is lined with cornfields. on hot summers days I wear only gym shorts. On weekdays we have it to ourselves. My wife and I will get naked there. It just feels good. We can see someone a mile away and it takes 5 seconds dress. There's a grassy farmer's path between 2 cornfields. We'll leave our stuff near start and walk in naked about .5 mile and have sex there. Sometimes I give her a 15 min head start. She'll lay out in the sun naked and blindfold. I don't say a word and she's not sure it's me fucking her. All winter she says she can wait for the corn to grow. Once an airplane kept circling us.

    • So jealous!! I used to be able to be naked in the woods all the time. I grew up in a mountain town where a 10 minute drive would put you where no one would be. I used to hike a little ways, strip down and be naked for the world to see for as long as I wanted too. Feeling the air on my naked body and just being naked outside would make me sooo horny!! I usually wouldn’t last too long before having to masturbate. I loved pouring my sperm on the ground. I secretly wished someone would come across and watch me but it never happened. I miss those days.

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