A storm's abrewing

My neighbor who is a dyke and whom have been living across the hall from me for over 5 years. She knocked on my door 2 hours ago. The power was out in the neighborhood, because of this east coast hurricane. We set on the couch with candles burning and we chatted about everything and nothing. She drank a gin and tonic and we sat close. She suddenly stood up, stripped naked and said that alcohol makes her hot, not horney, but hot.
I told her that she needed to put her clothes back on, because as a man, I'm going to stare at her lovely body. She tilted her head to one side and said....tell you what, I'll give you a blowjob if you promise to not press me for any pussy. I agreed. She blew me 3 times. I offered to return the favor, but she declined my offer (no sweat off my back). She only left about 40 minutes ago. I hope the lights go back off tonight, it's only 10:01 pm and I would like some female company, even if it's only blowjobs.

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