My school crossing gaurd wife

I found out a month ago that my wife who is school crossing monitor has been fucking a cop that is always around her i raised hell with her but she says she has to do this to get totally fucked she dont want to stop even if it means divorce she says he has a big dick and knows how to use it he is black they meet at a friends apartment once a week he is married too she wants me join them and get use to this what do you think about this

2 months ago

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    • I think you are full of shit.

    • I would be willing to bet that you nothing but a fat ugly ass lonely sad man you have nothing but nothing if you are married i bet your wife wants a more open minded man let her fuck other men she starved for good cock you are nothing but a whimp

    • If your not the ass-clown whose always posting crap, just be forewarned that if you go, you might be surprised where that dick will go.

    • No divorce that guy is just hating what you need to do is lick her pussy clean

    • Please divorce her

    • I was always an over possessive boyfriend "you're 5 minutes late, where you fooling around with Bob?" My girlfriends hated my jealous ways. Then several times my roommate Joe bang his hot girlfriend Amy. This girl could take a fucking. Her sucking dick was artistic. I would pretend to be sleeping while they went at it.. They broke up. So I call her up and she said she felt weird going out with me, she knew I was a awake most of the time and sorta liked a friendly audience but "you must think I'm a whore." Anyway we're married 20 years now and I often fantasized about Joe fucking her. And I'm not at all jealous.
      She's FB friends with him. "it would be a little awkward, but with a permission slip I could screw a hot old boyfriend. Let me know."

    • Yes

    • Yes send me pictures of her

    • Tell her ok if you can fuck his wife. Turnaround is fair play

    • Decide how much you want to stay with your wife, and if you can accept it. Maybe you should ask to suck his big cock.

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