Chinese massage

So when I am in the mood to get kinky i text my wife if Ling Ling is working tonight. She will text back i will schedule you in for a massage. Then i get the full massage that night breast in my back then a prostate massage. My wife is so nice .

2 months ago

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    • My wife had a healthy apatite when she was single. She was 23, pharmacy sales girl, staying at a ritzy NYC hotel. This handsome Broadway play actor said you're like a trained nurse, right? She said she was (she wasn't) -- How about we go back to my room you give me a massage, my back is killing me. Sure she said, lucky me. There were 5 other girls after him. He comes out with just a towel and she goes to work the best she can. She's going places she shouldn't -- he takes notices and gets a hard on. It's her perfect penis, 6" and fat. (like mine actually) He leads her hand to it and she's stroking him. She tells herself, 'she'll never see him again, he's just using her, no one will ever know, I always fantasize about giving rock stars blowjobs, and here's a RS perfect penis right in my hand.' And she gives him a blowjob.
      We were playing 'I bet I can top your sluttiest night. ' She won.
      Mine was a one nighter with a much older lady (sort of, I went back 10 more times)

    • Why are you being racist asshole! Fuck you!

    • How the hell is that being racist? That's what she likes me calling her she made the name up. Tell me your mother's name I will see if my wife will go for that dick wad

    • Low IQ person that see’s race in everything. Must be a 20 or 30 year old that can’t think for himself

    • It is a fake bull shit story! So why does the person have to Asian? Because right now Asians are being wrongly targeted! That is why it is racist! The OP just wanted to put more spice in his fake story and used Asians to do it!

    • No dick wrong has nothing to do with asians being targeted. I feel for them and it sucks not right. Maybe I should call my wife tamika or Maria or would I be wrong for that. I will stick to ling ling and get milked asshole

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