Bar maid

My girlfriend has a German barmaid costume. I wore it once for a Halloween 10k run we were in. After the run, we hung around the fairgrounds listening to the band and drinking beer. It was fun. I got teased and whistled at :)

For the Superbowl, she was going to wear the costume for me and my best friend but she had an aunt that died suddenly and had to leave town for the funeral. My friend and I were disappointed.

Byron, my friend, came over early. I was cooking ribs on the grill... It takes me a few hours. We started drinking beer while I tended the pit and talking about how fun it would have been to have a barmaid serving us beer and food during the game.

About thirty minutes before the ribs were done, I went to take a shower so I wouldn't smell smoky for the rest of the evening. Being a little drunk, I put on the costume. I even put on some panties. I grabbed Byron a beer and a tray for the ribs and strutted out the door. Handed him the beer without a word and went to the pit. He whistled and then started laughing.

I loaded up the tray and turned to go inside. He slapped my butt when I passed him and got up to follow me in. I wrapped the ribs in foil then covered them with towels. Byron said well at least he gets to have a barmaid serving him...

I told him to go turn on the game and finished what I was doing in the kitchen. My intent was to change into some shorts... It was just a joke. The kick off was happening as I walked through the living room so I stopped behind the couch to watch. After the first play, Byron asked for another beer. I grabbed two and walked around in from and set them on the coffee table. I said I was going to change and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to towards the couch, half landing on his lap. He said he didn't want me to change as I was sliding off his lap to sit on the couch. I started up again and he said seriously, stay like that. I relented.

Byron played football and I ran track. He easily weighs 80 pounds more than me and is 6 inches taller. When we were younger, we'd masturbate in front of each other but never done anything more and it wasn't my intent when I put on the costume. I started to get up again and he put his hand on my thigh, holding me down. I said, I'm not going to change, I'm just going to cut the ribs and that I'd be right back. He let me go and swatted my butt again.

I came back with some ribs on a platter and place them on the table. He asked me for some water so I served him a tall glass of ice water. When I handed it to him, he pulled me back on his lap, wrapping an arm around me with a hand on my thigh again. He said I am an excellent bar maid. He drank from his glass and leaned toward to set it down and pressed his groin against my leg in doing so and I could feel he was hard. I looked at him with surprise on my face and he just smiled. After a moment, he let me slide off his lap but held my legs in place, draped over his legs. He kept his hand on my thigh.

You probably think I was erect too but I wasn't. I could feel a nervous fluttering but my little friend was just that...little. Byron said, you know with a little make up, you'd make a pretty girl. I blushed ten shades of red. He pulled on my wrist standing me up and said, go put on some makeup. He put his hand on my butt and pushed me towards our bedroom. I look over my shoulder stunned and he said go on.

I sat at Cindy's makeup table trying to convince myself not to do it but I put on some lipstick and mascara and eyeliner. I didn't try anything else because I wouldn't know what to do. As I returned, Byron was finishing the first of the ribs. I said don't laugh. He just smiled. I relaxed as much as I could. he patted the couch next to him and I sat down. He pulled me closer and kept his arm around me unless I was up bring us more beer.

He stayed hard most of the time and just before half time, he placed my hand on him and said this is your responsibility. I started to pull my hand away and he stopped me. His hand over mine stroking him. At half time, he slid his shorts down and told me a good barmaid would give a halftime blow job. I continued to stroke him. Not sure I wanted to say no! That weird vibration started again just above my penis which was as still as small as could be. I slid to my knees and took him in my mouth. Almost instantly, I knew I loved it. About halfway through, I had an orgasm and hadn't even touched myself. Byron finished in my mouth squirming and humping my face. I swallowed. I stood in front of him as he raised my dress and saw the wet spot and got this huge grin on his face. "good girl!" I turned red again. He said go fix your makeup and get me another beer.

Without hesitation this time I did as he said. I also brought some more ribs and sat down beside him. We watched the game. Rubbing each others thighs. Small talk and teasing. At the end of the game, I got up to clean the dishes and put away food. He stayed to watch the interviews.

Next think I know he's pressing himself onto my butt. I let him while I washed at the sink. He moved away for a moment and grabbed the olive oil. I didn't see what he did though. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back against him. I grabbed the counter to hold myself up. And he ground into me again. He slid my panties down but didn't lift my skirt so I didn't stop him. Moments later, his cock was pressing against me and sliding in. I tried to stand be he held me in place. It slipped in surprisingly easy. I felt full and scared and excited all at the same time. That vibration returned. I moaned. He started trusting.

Byron reached around and felt my soft little penis. And said "good girl" I said, "oh my god" and ground myself against him. It was amazing. He used me for at least twenty minutes. I had cum dripping from my soft penis. I was cock drunk. He spun me around and set me on the counter and entered me again. Then he picked me up and held me while he thrust into me. I've never felt so tiny and helpless but safe in my life. Back on the counter, he picked up speed, my head was bouncing off the cabinet door and he spent his load inside me. Then he kissed me.

I slid off the counter as he held me in his arms and we continued to kiss. He told me to leave the dishes for tomorrow and to go put on something sexy. He said, "I'm staying tonight." It was an amazing night.

Things between me and Cindy weren't the same when she returned. Turns out she hooked up with an old boyfriend and I couldn't blame her. I never confessed what I'd done but she moved back home a couple months later. Byron is still my best friend and visits often ;)

4 months ago

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    • This got me so hard reading it - I would love to do this

    • Sick

    • Does it bother you because you secretly want it, so have to denounce it to keep your longing distant and under wraps? Why else would you give a damn?

    • I think they meant what they said! Sick That said it all!

    • I will take that as a yes.

    • Did you keep the barmaid costume, or get something to replace it?

    • I kept that and a few more of her things that she probably wouldn't wear again. We actually still talk or text about once a month.

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