My gay room mate

I used to let my room mate watch while i masturbated........ he's gay. He caught me one time. I thought he was asleep in his room. I put my head phones on and opened some porn on my tablet. Sonim in my bed naked just going at myself. As I'm nearing take off I look up and see him standing at my door, which is cracked open a few inches . I locked eyes just as I came. Long story short, we talked, he apologized, all cool. Later that night we were drinking and joking about what happened. I had several beers in me when he asked if i wanted another. Being a bit drunk i said, Damn dude, you trying to get me fucked up and take advantage of me? To which he laughed and said, Relax, I'm not going to try and fuck you but....i wouldn't mind watching again. Wow. I was a little surprised but oddly excited too. I said, Really dude? You want to? He nodded his head. I told him, Ok. We went to the couch, put on some porn and I started stroking. In minutes his cock was in his hand and he was going at it. With in no time we were both finishing off. Super intense. We sat there for a second and he goes.......Beer. He brought me a beer said thanks and went off to bed. Since then I just sort of let him watch when ever he wanted to.

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  • Have you let him suck you off or rim you yet?

  • I would let him know one has to know

  • Come on dude you no you let him suck it

  • Don't make you gay just happy

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