From A Mother's Point of View

I reach out to him and say, "Come here baby I need you." He comes to me carefully laying on me. I wrap my arms around him and whisper in his ear that I love him. We kiss and I feel his hard cock press into my belly. As we are kissing he is squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples. He readjusts his position and his cockhead is very close to my entrance. I open my legs more and he reaches down and rubs it against my clit. He says to me. "Please let me put it inside you, I need to see how you feel." I smile and say, "Honey I have wanted your big cock in me for a long time. Please put it in and make love to me." He was ready and so was I. He moved into position. He rubbed the head across my entrance and I moaned out as he did. He pressed his big cockhead into me and slowly I opened. It felt so big as he pressed forward more and I started to open up. Soon he got the head in and it felt wonderful. After some easy stoking in and out he buried his whole cock in me. A perfect fit. I pulled his head down to bring his lips to mine and kissed him. The feeling of my own son's big cock in me was fantastic. Even though he was big, it was like I was made for him. He began stroking in and out. He reached around with his hands and grabbed my ass, pulling my hips to him. He was adjusting the angle, trying to shove more of his cock in me. He was starting to speed up and I sensed his desire would overwhelm him. Something I hadn't thought about somehow entered my mind. His father had a vasectomy a number of years ago. It had allowed me to stop taking the pill. Billy was not wearing a condom and I was unprotected. I didn't think the timing was right but it was still risky. Pregnancy would definitely be hard to explain. The feeling of his big cock in me made me forget all reason. He knew he was close and asked, "I am going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?" I said, "No baby, I want you to cum inside of me. I want to feel it. Go ahead and shoot." When a guy hears that is is OK to unload his semen into a woman, and she doesn't mind, it is an indescribable feeling. Somehow his cock swelled up some more and he was really pumping now. I felt a spasm move through it and then he erupted. Wave after wave, rope after rope of semen from deep within him into his Mother's pussy. His cockhead was hitting against my cervix. He knew where some of this was going. Didn't he remember that his Dad went through with a vasectomy a few years back and the reason was his Mom wanted to get off the pill? Still, I didn't ask him to pull out. My whole body spasmed with my own climax. His cock felt so big as my pussy shuddered and squeezed it. I had wanted this for so long. When we both started to relax and come down from our orgasm high, he laid his head on my breasts thanking fate that he had this chance. The chance to make love to his own Mother.

He whispered to me, "Mom I am so sorry, I could not help myself. I needed this so badly. "I smiled saying, "It's OK I've wanted you too baby." I held him tight. We were both sweating. I didn't want to let go of him. I didn't want him out of me. He kissed me long and lovingly. Our tongues twirling together. It was then. lost in our passion that we both heard it. The sound of a garage door opening, then a door opening and closing, and my name being called. It was my husband, his Dad back home from his day of golf. Any second now he would walk in and if we didn't do something quick he would see us. His wife and his son naked, laying together. Quickly Billy got up off me and his cock popped out. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. He turned and pulled my arm hard as he headed for the sliding glass door out to the pool. We both jumped in with a splash. We swam to the deep end so our bodies were totally submerged except for our heads. We clung to the side there to hide the fact we were both nude. As long as his Dad didn't notice, we would be OK. My husband walked to the sliding glass door and looked out to the pool then opened it. I said, "Hi Honey, how was golf? Look who decided to surprise us." My husband looked and noticed his Son in the pool and said, "Oh hey Son, nice to see you." Billy said, "Hi Dad, I just wanted to drop by for a swim, pretty soon it will be too cold and mom decided to join me." I nodded at Billy then turned my head to his Dad and said, "Honey why don't you go get in the shower, I am sure you are tired from your golf. We'll clean up too and then you can take us out to eat, OK?" My husband said, "Sure, that's sounds great. See you all in a bit." He turned and walked back into the house. We both breathed a sigh of relief. We waited until we knew he was in the shower, then quickly got out and went inside. Billy headed to his room and I headed to my room. Before Billy ducked into his room I stopped him and whispered, "I will see you later." and I winked at him. He gave me a quick kiss and went into his room. We had a nice family dinner and came back home. After my husband feel asleep, tired from his golf and too much drinking, I snuck into Billy's room. We were careful and quiet and made sweet love again. Billy came back the next day and we even found a way to squeeze in another screw. Now that this had started I knew we couldn't stop it. Billy stops by more often and I also make some visits to his place, he lives less than an hour away. He has small house that I helped him decorate a little more to spruce it up. I would be making more visits and spending more time there. I didn't get pregnant and I got back on birth control. Now we relish each time we are able to get together. We seldom have a lot of time, so we don't waste much of it before we are in Billy's bed fucking.

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