Confused C*ck

My wife and I shower together every night, I’m such a lucky man. But lately we haven’t had sex even when we clean, touch and rub each other in the shower. I’m not complaining but all she wants to do is stand behind me in our bedroom mirror and jerk me off. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and it’s confusing.

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  • She wants to control your sex and it looks like she is in control

  • My hot wife spent summers in a convent, even wore the nun garb. She decided not to go nun, but still a goody two shoes. First 2 dates weren't great, we kissed but I kept my hands off. 3rd was a pool party and she wears this sting bikini. I'm like where the fuck did that come from. There's a ritzy BBQ after the swim and only one outside, two inside showers. Couples are showering together. Awkward. She'll shower with the bikini on, right? Wrong! Holy fuck, she's amazing naked. So I take mine off too. We're soaping each other backs and I get a hard on. She's pretending not to see it, and then she stoops down like a catcher and gives the best blowjob ever. She's given me 10,000 since. Said she knew I was Mr Right on the 1st date, thought for sure I'd take her back to my place for sex on the 2nd. Was encouraged when I got a boner in the shower. "So I woke you up with a blowjob. Really, I'm usually like that." Mocking girls who say usually they're not like that. And take more liberties, don't treat me like a nun,, I'm fuckable.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • So ask her what's up.

  • I agree with this person. Just ask her. Open and honest communication within a couple’s relationship is the cornerstone of a great, happy and long lasting relationship.

    Hell she might be fantasizing about something hot. Or she may be tired of having your dick in her. Either way best to find out now.

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