They had no idea she was my wife...

I was working for a large company with offices nationwide and they had scheduled a week of training in a city only about 60 miles from where I lived. I was the only one from my office sent to this particular session. So I didn't know anyone there. At first I was uneasy that they had me sharing a room with a total stranger but the guy turned out to be pretty cool.

The session was to training was to last for ten days and they'd put us up in a pretty decent hotel with a conference room a restraunt and a bar. But it was primarily just business people traveling through staying there and going to the bar and not much else going on in the small city. After a couple of days my roommate and I had started hanging out with two other guys there for training. I was in my 20's and the others in there 30's & 40's.

At night we'd go to the bar or sit in our room drinking & playing card's. All of them seemed to be hoping while away from there family's & friend's they'ed be having some fun with some strange women. But it seemed the only women we saw were real ice queens. But they were constantly going on & on about wanting some action. I'd usually call my wife every day when my roommate was out or in the shower. And one day I was telling her how horney these guys were for a good fuck while away from there wives. Which the way they described there wive's they sounded pretty unexcited about sex.

When Lynn spoke up and said it was too bad she wasn't there I got an idea that turned my wife and I on right away. So a couple of nights later when the 4 of us went in the bar there was my wife sitting at the bar. She was in a very sexy black dress showing lots of cleavage and short enough to show off her long sexy legs. At the time she was around 27-28 yrs old. 5-8, 110lb ,34C-24-35 with long auburn hair & green eye's. And she definatly caught there attention.

I sat at our table listening to them talking about how hot she was and all the things they'd like to do to her. Then finally I said I was going to go talk to her. After a few minutes we both came back to the table together. It was easy since we were about the only one's there. Lynn claimed to be a sales rep for a company who was there on business. She acted like she'd had a few drinks and was being very flirty while all the while putting down her husband and finally talking about how horney she was always being on the road.

Of course when I suggested going back to my room she quickly agreed. An they figured I was going to get lucky. An it threw them when she insisted they all come. They were whispered to me how they'd only stay a minute and leave. On the way to the room she was making comments about how she'd landed her 4 studs.

In the room she wasted no time at all in taking turns hugging everyone an making suggestive comments. Then she stood up and started to slowly unbutton her dress. When she opened it she was wearing a sexy matching push up bra that showed off her big tits and huge pink aureola's that are so big they cover the end of her tits. Her nipples so hard it looked like two bullets poking out. a matching pair of sheer black panties you could see her hairy bush through ( was in the 80's ). A black garter belt with sheer silk stockings and spiked heels.

As she dropped her dress to the floor and began to unhook her bra one guy got up and looked at the others and said they should leave us alone. And she quickly said she wanted all of us. That she hadn't had group sex since college and she had been fantasizing about seducing a group of strange men she'd never see again. All the while taking off her bra and panties.

Soon I was fondling her firm young tits as she squeezed my cock through my pants. Then one of the others started feeling her up. I think they were all uncomfortable at first about being watched by the others. But once she started rubbing there cocks and they had felt of her firm young body they got over it. She started undressing us as was taking turns stroking our now rock hard cocks except for one guy who insisted in just watching. She went to her knees and started taking turns sucking us off. Then laid on the bed and as one guy ate her pussy the other two sucked her tits.

Then we started taking turns fucking her and while one guy fucked her she'd stroke & suck the other two. Finally the guy who'd been watching finished undressing and started feeling her up. Then said he'd always wanted to try anal sex and ask if she'd ever tried that. Lynn just smiled and said she loved being fucked in the ass. The three of us watched as he slid his cock in my hot young wife's tight ass. No one questioning why she had a tube of lube in her purse. He pounded my hot wife's ass for all he was worth and finally pulled out an shot off all over her ass & back.

She sucked us off some more and had a couple of them fuck her tits. And we ended up all shooting off all over her face & tits. After just hanging out a while having a cpl of drinks nude except for her garter & stockings she said she should go. I offered to walk her to her room since it was late. I stayed a while and we talked about how much we'd both enjoyed that. We'd had lots of 3-somes before had swapped with other couples and that wasn't her 1st gangbang. But for them to have no idea she was my wife was a real turn on for both of us.

When I got back to the room it was hot as hell hearing these guys talk about what had happened and comment on what a great fuck she was and how good she was at sucking cock. And that night was pretty much all they talked about the rest of the week. Lynn had left early the next morning and they never knew they'd fucked my wife while I watched.



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  • Wow if it is true that is the perfect married man's dream it is one that me and my wife have done once

  • I know how hot you must have been as all my experiences I share are true.

  • Very hot

  • Wish she would talk to my wife and convince her she would have an excellent time

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