How is this possible

Recently I’ve been asking myself how other people are attracted to each other, general observation when looking at couples I ask myself “I wonder how those two got together and for what reason” reason for me thinking like this is...
At work one female looks like she should be on Love Island! She is very tall, slim, long legs, long hair, enhance breasts is very attractive and dresses in a way to show all the above.
She does turn heads you can’t help but look.
To my surprise at work things got ugly, my line manager is short, bald head and is a jumped up little pr?@& he really isn’t a nice person was caught having an affair with Miss Love Island!
How is this possible, what attracted those two together and for what reason.
With all that’s gone on he didn’t miss one day of work, yet his wife who also works for the company has not returned to work since finding out.

3 months ago

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    • She could be looking to get ahead and doesn't think she has the skills to advance otherwise. Used to be called "Sleeping her way to the top" tho that is not pc anymore. Rumor has it that our current VP did that to advance in the world of CA politics.

    • MONEY!!!! Gold Digger!!!

    • Maybe he just gave her the attention she was craving, and he has a big cock.

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