Jerked as my neighbor Aunt watched

My neighbor Aunt used to frequent our house and chat with Mom and others

at any awkward time. That day there was no one at Home except me. Sitting

in the drawing room I was jerking and was just about to cum and this

neighbor Aunt (she is too gorgeous and booby and have big butts on whom I

had always googled and jerked at times)peeped through the front doorside

window which had no curtain. I had to simply cover my hard penis (with

the sofa cushion over my lap) which was half way in cumming and pumping

out the rest bit of cum. While my penis was throbbing with the after

effect of cum and my body crumbling to the climax she asked where is Mom

and her face had a surprise expression showing that she saw me stroking

and cumming and trying to look beyond the cushion. I without standing up,

slightly blushing and stuck to my sofa told her with a cracking sound

that no one is at home except me. I think she was excited or just feeling

embarrassed, but left quickly. When she left I went to my room and had

another jerking thinking of my booby big ass neighbor aunt.

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  • Neighbor aunt ? Is that like a sister wife ? What are you, some weird religious cult with special underwear and shit ?

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