Then and Now

It's funny how things can start out so innocently at a very early age. It began when I was six years old. I was flipping through the JC Penny catalog and stumbled onto women's bras. As I looked at the different pictures of breasts only covered by limited amount of cloth, without even realizing it, I had a fascination for breasts. I marked the pages for future reference. I don't know if anyone noticed, if the did, nothing was said. At eight I was in a liquor store with my parents. In a rack, completely accessible, not behind the counter. I don't know what all was there, but I noticed Playboy, with a sexy, but not completely revealing girl on the front cover. I looked at it and said to myself, I wish this magazine would show more inside. I looked through some pages and found some girls completely topless, some bottomless and some nude I couldn't believe my wishes had been answered. I had to hurry as to not be noticed, but I got an eyeful. Without realizing it, I had infatuation for breasts. At age eleven, I noticed a Playboy on my parents dresser when they were gone. I had an hour or two alone at home. I looked at the pictures without having to hurry. Now I looked at them in more detail.

It was then that I realized that my penis was stiff and pressing tightly against my pants. I had no clue what could be done with it in that condition, just that looking at the pictures had caused it. That night as I lay in bed the pictures I had seen earlier that day ran through my head. Again, my penis got hard, just from thinking about the pictures I seen earlier. I was in my pajamas and when I touched my boner on the outside of my PJ's, it jumped. I rubbed it a little more, it jumped again several times. I found it very intriguing, and a need for further investigation. I slid my hand down my pajama bottoms and rubbed my naked boner. At this point, I realized what I was doing felt kind of good. I continued to rub it, having no idea what I was doing, all the while it felt better and better. After what only must have been minutes, I had my first orgasm. I doubt I even ejaculated anything, but my boner was really jumping and it felt good. I remember afterwards for what seemed like a half hour, but probably only about ten minutes, my boner would continue to jump pretty regularly. I knew it felt pretty darn good as I lay there afterward in orgasmic bliss, but not knowing it.

I continued doing this from time to time. I only felt comfortable doing it when I was in bed at night. It felt good every time; I was hooked. I began jacking off most nights and I started to notice that it took longer and longer, for me to reach that happy zone. I accidently rubbed the head of my penis on the sheet covering me, and that felt really good. It was then that I began to get an idea of how to make what I was doing even better. Rubbing up and down the shaft, while also rubbing the head, it felt the best yet. It took some time to perfect what I was doing because at that point I had no guide at all. By the age of twelve my parents were divorced, I lived alone with my mom, and after school every day, I was home alone for about two hours before my mom would get home from work. I began masturbating after school, and in bed at night. I was getting pretty good at masturbating, still not knowing I was masturbating.


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  • Wow...I guess that fiction writers have some tough guidelines to follow. No depiction of anyone under 18. Got it.
    What about ageplay, where the writer writes about an adult pretending to be an underage child as part of a fantasy? If my character is college age and the story sets him as a 12 year old is that ok? And stop with the name's quite childish and indicates that you have a problem and need psychiatric help.

  • I was about 11 or 12 when I had my first orgasm too, it was the most unbelievable feeling. Everyone can think back to that first time and how they did it. Mine was in bed with a pair of panties lightly rubbing my super hard boner, then without expecting it I came. I didn’t even know what it was.
    I’m now in my 60’s and still like to rub panties on my dick, the only difference is it’s not as hard as thin.
    Thanks for bringing up old memories

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    It is illegal to write and post pedophilia! Describing sex as a minor is pedophilia sick fuck.

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  • Not when the minor is myself. Look it up in your detective comics.

  • Wrong again asshole doesn't matter what age you are! Just what court you will be in! Juvenile or adult court fool!
    It is illegal to write and post pedophilia! Describing sex as a minor is pedophilia sick fuck.
    -Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1998).


Obscenity is not protected under First Amendment rights to free speech, and violations of federal obscenity laws are criminal offenses. The U.S. courts use a three-pronged test, commonly referred to as the Miller test, to determine if given material is obscene. Obscenity is defined as anything that fits the criteria of the Miller test, which may include, for example, visual depictions, spoken words, or written text.
Federal law makes it illegal to distribute, transport, sell, ship, mail, produce with intent to distribute or sell, or engage in a business of selling or trnsferring obscene matter. Convicted offenders face fines and imprisonment. Although the law generally does not criminalize the private possession of obscene matter, the act of receiving such matter could violate federal laws prohibiting the use of the mails, common carriers, or interactive computer services for the purpose of transportation. (For more information, see Citizen's Guide to Federal Law on Obscenity). 
This is covered under 
18 U.S.C. § 2251- Sexual Exploitation of Children
(Production of child pornography)

    There is the law if you can read idiot!

  • You bitch about anything and everything, doesn't matter what it is. Look up asshole in the dictionary and you'll see your picture there.

  • No I only bitch about Incest or pedophilia posts idiot! Could not care about the rest dumb fuck!

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