My cousin stayed with over for the summer...

My cousin (12f) came over to stay with us one summer, which was fine because she was cool and an overall relaxed person. I was 14 at the time and we were both virgins. I'm pretty fit, but she was growing in all the right places. After a week or two of her staying over, we started to hang out more and really get to talking. One day everyone was out of the house and it was just me and her. I saw her sleeping on the couch with a crop top and booty shorts. I saw her ass sticking out a little and I got so horny. I walked over with my boner and placed my hand over her ass, then moved it to her boob. The shirt was low cut, so you could see a lot of her breasts. At this point I was rubbing my cock over my clothes. Even though her boobs were on the small side they felt so soft yet firm at the same time. I felt how warm they were then moved back to her butt. I gave it a little squeeze. Then I gave it a bigger squeeze and oh it felt so good. She let out a noise so I got scared and ran off

Fast forward a few days, were home alone again and in my room talking. It was so hot that day so I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and she was wearing a semi loose shirt with no bra and short shorts.. We were joking around and we were giving each other a small push on the shoulder if the other would tell a bad joke. I kept on aiming my push closer to her boob, and after a few times I got a corner of it. After I touched it her breath got heavier. She started aiming lower as well, so I kept aiming at the same area. She eventually put her hand on my thigh and my dick grew. It was probably one of my biggest erections at that time. My shorts had no chance of hiding it and she noticed it right away. She said, "what is that? Oh my god do you have a boner?" I got embarrassed and tried to hide to it. She tried to move my hands away and said "wait, no, let me see it. I've never seen one before." I was so hard and horny that I moved my hands away. She had a front row seat to my raging erection. Seeing her look directly at my hard on made me even more horny. I said "you can touch it if you'd like." She hesitantly and slowly moved her hand over and was hovering above my cock. After a few seconds she put her hand on it and started feeling around it. I knew she was getting horny too cause I could see her moving around and her nipples were poking through her shirt. I asked her if she wanted to see it and she bit her lip a little and nodded her head. I pulled my shorts down and my cock stood straight up. Since we were both sitting she had a unique view of my cock and balls. Her eyes lit up in amazement and I told her she could touch it again. She did. Then I told her she should wrap her hand around it. She did. Then I told her to stroke it up and down. Her breathing was very hot and heavy at this point. She was stroking me with one hand and rubbing her body with her other hand. I came after a few strokes and exploded. My cum shot up onto her and a lot leaked all over her hand. She tasted it, then got down on her knees to lick it off her and and my throbbing dick.

She started licking and tasting all over, even my balls. I had no idea her tongue was that long. She started giving me a blowjob and my cock was hard again. After a few minutes I busted in her mouth and she swallowed it! Somehow she wanted more. She took off her shirt and I took off mine. We started passionately kissing and I pushed her onto my bed. She took off her shorts and I started sucking on her tits and nipples. We had both seen porn before, so we had an idea of what we were doing. I moved down, took off her panties, and started to go to town on her pussy. It was weird at first, but then it tasted so good and it was so wet and sweaty. She was moaning loud and by this point I was hard again. I stood up and aimed my cock between her legs. I inserted it and we both moaned. It was rough at first but soon became smooth and hot. She started to orgasm, which I felt inside her, which made me orgasm and shoot my load inside her. We were both tired by this point so we laid down in my bed trying to catch our breaths. We fell asleep and cleaned up after we woke up. We kept having sex and trying out new things and different positions throughout the summer. We were never caught and still have sex whenever we visit each other. This is the story of how we lost our virginity and how I gave her her first orgasm.



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  • You should play with her butthole!

  • Wow and congratulations! I'm curious how old are each of you now?

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