Neighborhood mom's stockings

I was at a neighborhood friend's house when his mother, Marge, arrived home from work. She was wearing a blue dress that came down just above her knees. She wore cinnamon colored nylons over her shapely legs. After talking to us for a few moments, she sat at the kitchen table as we watched TV and began reading the newspaper. As she read the newspaper, she crossed her legs. Her shoe began to dangle by her toes and the heel of her foot began to appear. The nylons that encased her curvy legs had reinforced heels in them. I had the perfect view to watch as she slowly slid her foot out of her shoe.

Almost immediately, I could feel a sexual urge begin to build in my loins. Every glance at Marge's nylon covered legs or the reinforced heels of her nylons made my hardening erection tingle. Whenever I could steal another glance at her, I did. Marge’s luscious nylon covered legs were so sexy, she made me incredibly hard. Inconspicuously I tried to press it into a more natural position but Marge saw what I was doing. She quickly looked away. That brought me to the edge. I had to masturbate over her. I walked to the bathroom with my fully enlarged erection protruding noticeably.

I gasped when I shut the door to the bathroom. Hanging in the bathroom were several pairs of nylon stockings that Marge must have hand-washed the previous night! I put my face in the curtain of her nylons and felt a sexual tension I had never encountered before. Here I was all alone in her bathroom, safe to do whatever I wanted with her nylons. Knowing that Marge was nearby and that she saw me adjusting my erection made me even more excited.

I took off all of my clothes and grabbed one of her nylon stockings. I wondered how it would feel on me so I slid it over my foot and pulled it up my leg. I was so completely aroused that I was quivering with excitement. I grabbed a second nylon and put it on my other leg. I squeezed my knees together, grabbed some of the loose nylon in my hand and grasped my erection. A jolt of ecstasy shot up the shaft. I had never felt so sexually aroused before. I grabbed another and slid my cock into one of her silky smooth nylon stockings. I could feel every thread glide across the head of my bone and down my shaft, coaxing my sperm from it. This wouldn’t take long.

As her reinforced heel approached the purple head of my raging erection, I felt my back begin to tighten. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to stop. I grasped the last few inches of nylon and pressed her reinforced toe against the head of my throbbing cock. Suddenly my balls began to tighten. My breath became shallow. I gasped as my sexual utopia started to reach its peak. I leaned against the wall of the bathroom and started to slide her nylon off and on my rock hard cock. Each stroke drove me closer and closer until it began to pump and pulsate on its own! I could think of nothing but Marge in her nylon stockings as wave after wave of my climax pounded through my body. I gasped and watched as my cock spit hot ropes of semen through her nylon, totally amazed at how carnal I felt.

I looked down at the milky white sperm that saturated the foot of her nylon stocking. My erect penis was still pulsating as I slid off her nylon. Every time I began to remove it, another jolt of orgasmic lust caused more semen to spurt out. After it was finally off, I closely examined her nylon. My milky white orgasm had completely saturated the foot and streaks of my hot lust were plainly visible along the sheer leg. There was sperm on my chest that I wiped onto the thigh. I hung the stocking I had my way with where I found it. I was afraid of what she would do when she saw my sperm dripping from it. I got dressed and left for home right away.

The rest of that night I waited for the phone to ring but it didn’t. I waited for Marge to appear at the door but she didn’t. The next morning nothing happened either. My mind began to think about what she did when she went to gather her nylon stockings. She had to notice the nylon had something in it. Did she know what it was? Every time I thought about her, I became aroused as I imagined her in that dress with those gorgeous nylons on.

A few weeks later, I stopped over to see if my friend was home. After ringing the doorbell a few times, it was apparent that nobody was home. I don't know what came over me but I grasped the doorknob and turned it. Their house was unlocked! I slightly opened the door and looked inside. "Hello? Is anybody home?" I said. No answer. I thought to myself for a few moments. Should I go in? Just thinking about the opportunity to do it rekindled my sexual desire for her. What if they come home and find me? What if Marge finds me and she is alone? What would she do? What would I do? I went in and locked the door. I quickly searched the house. Nobody was home.

I ran to her room and ripped off my clothes. How long until they would return? I had no idea. I was already hard as a rock and scared as hell as I quickly searched her dresser drawers. The top drawer on the right held my prize.

I grabbed all the nylons I found and lay on her bed. I covered myself from the base of my erection to my neck with the legs of her nylon stockings. I grasped a brown nylon and wrapped it around my manhood. The frightened excitement of what I was doing was so sexually overwhelming that it took only a few quick tugs before a hot firestorm of sperm sprayed over the nylons covering my chest.

Almost as quickly as I climaxed, I got dressed and placed all of her nylons back in her dresser. On top of her dresser I saw a key. I wondered if it was for the front door so on my way out, I tried the key. It worked! I shoved it in my pocket and left knowing I would be back for more.

I wondered what she did when she opened her nylon drawer. It was probably in the morning as she rushed to get ready for work. Every time I saw her going to or coming home from work she was wearing a skirt or a dress. Did she put them on before she detected the evidence of my orgasm? Was she in such a hurry that she didn’t notice my sperm surrounding her foot? On the other hand, did she notice the transparent silvery color on the legs of her nylons? Did she think it was something else, wash it off without a second thought or did she bring her nylon to her nose and inhale the scent of my lust before realizing what it was? Did my sperm actually touch her? My thoughts of her reaction upon discovering what I had done made me want her even more.

A few weeks later, I was watching TV on a Sunday morning by myself. I was thinking about my adventure with her nylons and was starting to pleasure myself when I heard a car door closing and its engine starting. Marge and her family were leaving for church. Nobody was awake yet at my house. I knew I had at least an hour before they returned. I only needed a few minutes. I peeked through the blinds as the car pulled away. Everyone was in the car so I was sure nobody was staying home.

When they drove away, I retrieved the key and casually walked over to Marge’s house. I rang the doorbell but that was only in case someone had been watching me. After a few seconds, I inserted the key in the lock, opened the door and went in.

I walked to her room and opened the drawer containing her nylons. I examined every pair of nylon stockings in the drawer. There was no sign of my earlier orgasm in any of the nylons.

I completely stripped off all of my clothes and stood before her mirror. I removed a cinnamon colored nylon and began to slide it over my erection like a condom. The reinforced toe of her nylon rested against the head of my erection and the reinforced heel was near its base. I slid a second nylon onto my right hand. I took several other nylons from her drawer and lay down on her bed. I carefully covered every inch of my chest with her nylons. With my nylon-covered right hand, I held my erection and closed my eyes. I was so sexually stimulated that I knew it wouldn’t take very long before I came.

After less than a minute, my climax began. I held my breath and arched my back as my sperm pumped its way up the shaft. With a level of sexual intensity, I had never felt before, my sperm shot through her reinforced toe and onto the bed of nylons covering my chest.

I laid there for several minutes as my cock twitched and pulsated, pumping all of my sexual pleasure through the reinforced toe of her nylon. When I finally had nothing left to ejaculate, I removed her sperm filled nylon from my cock. I carefully wiped every drop of semen from my chest with her nylons and put them back in her drawer. I straightened her bed, put my clothes on and left undetected.

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  • I can see you are a lover of nylons and find them very erotic. It seems you are happy with what you are doing, and don't wish to go any further. If that's the case, keep up the good work!

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