My wife is the naughty one between us

She has always been into role play since we started having sex, we have done it all, repairman is one of her favorites and she loves to play the broke woman who needs something fixed. We have even taken a few of them further, she had a plumber come and fix her sink drain that was clogged up. She had sex with him and he reduced the charges telling her if he did not charge her something his boss would be pretty upset.
So her latest one was very thrilling, she wanted me to post an ad reading come pay back my wife for cheating on me. We had several people message us back and we sent them a pic of her pussy pressed against a hole in a door insert. They were told she was tied to the wall and they could lick and fuck her for cheating but had to wear a condom. We got our first guy lined up to come in a few hours, she was so excited by it all then asked me how I planned to tie her to the wall. I told her I figured she would just lean against it and that way if something was wrong she could just pull away. She was like no, I want to be tied against it. I made it happen using some I hooks I had laying around and rope from our fun box. I then walked around to the garage side door and walked in to see how it looked. I licked her pussy for a minute then fingered her a bit to get her going. When I walked back inside she told me that was really exciting and could not wait for him to show up.
The time came and we both heard the side door on the garage open up, I was more nervous than she was I think. I watched her face light up and she whispered he was licking her, which he did for quite some time as she moaned and had an orgasm. She finally told me he stopped licking and I heard her moan out at the same time the wall creaked a bit. she moaned out again as the wall began moving a bit from his thrusting, she told me he was a bit longer than me then after a minute told me to get my cock out she wanted to suck it. I was turned on like crazy knowing she was getting fucked while sucking on me and listening to her moan and enjoy it was really fun.
He finished with a few good pushes into her then went back to licking her for a few minutes. I watched her face wondering how much she was enjoying this then she stared at me for a few seconds and we heard the door open and close, I went to the front window to see him leave but could see him thru the windows of his car.
I walked back to her and untied her from the wall, she told me that was amazing and wow did that guy like to like a woman. She told me at times he was sucking so hard on her clit it almost hurt but still felt great. We lined up number two the next day which turned out to be a mistake, even as I was tying to her to the wall I asked her again if she really wanted to do that and she told me it was huge turn on.
The guy showed up and everything was going good, I had played with her a bit again to get her going and also rubbed her clit from our side until he showed. We were thinking that if he showed up and just started fucking her it would hurt a bit and that is what this guy did right from the start. He was ramming the wall and calling her a cheating whore and more as he fucked her as hard as he could get it. I did not like how rough he was being and began untying her legs, she told me it was fine and kept herself pressed against the wall but I felt better that she could pull away. I watched as he thrusted into her over and over then just stopped, she looked over at me and was just about to say something when her face turned into pain and she fell forward onto the floor. I heard the door slam shut on the garage while looking down at her with a very large green thing sticking out of her pussy. It was a cucumber and very big one. She reached down and pulled it out and I asked her if she needed anything as she laid there groaning on the floor. He had rammed it into her clear to her cervix and I was sure that did not feel good at all. She looked up at me and told me she was glad I undid her because if he would have rammed it over and over it would have hurt a lot more.
She was fine after a day or two but we took down the wall and did not respond to any other messages. I was glad nothing serious had happened to her and she was actually laughing about it telling me glad it was not a larger veggie like a squash or something. We were sitting around one evening and she just looked at me and asked if I still had the wood with the hole in it around, I told her it was in the garage and said surely you are not wanting someone else to come over and do this again. She told me no but wanted me to do it to her this time and pretend I was one of the guys coming over to fuck some whore cheating on her husband.
Couple of hours later I was staring at her pussy thru the hole in the wood then thought about a friend of mine that my wife barely knew, he only lived like ten minutes away. I texted him and asked him if he would want to come over and do me a favor. When he replied back he told me be there shortly.
He walked in quietly and I motioned him to come over while I kept fingering her, I stood up and walked away watching him kneel down and start licking her. I quietly walked around to the patio then inside listening to her moaning and then a wide eyed gasp when she saw me standing there watching. The mystery was exciting to see on her face, she asked me who was in the garage and I simply told her someone I trust as I unzipped for her mouth.
He was great to her much like the first guy, licked her to several orgasms and fucked her hard enough to make it feel good. When he left she told me I have no idea who that was but I want him to come back some time.

3 months ago

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    • WTF Really! This is what happens when you smoke meth! Your brain is fried from all that meth!

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