To quick

Not sure I’m looking forward to having sex with my new friend, after two weeks it’s been really difficult to find time to actually do it.
I have 4 children and constantly one is always about, the brief moments we do get to play about he has ejaculated.
One occasion one child was in the living room, two had just got out the bath and playing, the other was due back any moment, I was cooking tea and we started touching, keeping an eye out for the kids he got his cock out and I started sucking on it, can only have been sucking for 20 seconds and he’s cum.
He’s also cum in his trousers on two occasions.
Not sure sex is going to last long if this is anything to go by.

3 months ago


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    • In the late 1970's my wife had a friend who kept hitting on her. She liked the guy and finally decided to give him a try (with my blessing). They got together a few times and she always came home with his cum all over her pussy but never inside her pussy. I like sloppy seconds so she would usually let her dates cum inside her pussy if she felt safe. I asked her about it and she said that he had never even been able to get it inside her. He got into position and started cumming as soon as his cock touched her pussy.

    • Sounds like he's got a hair trigger. Prolly have to let him cum quick, then hopefully he can get it up again and last a little longer next time. Otherwise, keep your vibrating toys handy.

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